Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius' Log #11

Finishing the Kobolds

We took a moment to gather ourselves and figure out how we would progress. We pushed deeper into the cave and soon Scarloc stopped us as he had spotted one of the traps that they had setup. We stood there thinking of how we would figure out how to get passed it without triggering it when Scarloc saw that there was a line to manually trigger the trap. Gawain then found the tracks of the trapper Kobold that controlled the trap. The kobold attempted to shoot an arrow at Gawain, but their craftsmanship proved to be very poor as his bow string snapped as he tried to loose his arrow. Gawain tried to fire back, but the slippery kobold manage to dodge out of the way. I then rushed the kobold and wrestled it to the ground. We interrogated him and eventually worked out a way to have him let us pass the trap without any issues as long as we let him go. Jiro then proceeded to make us all invisible and we followed the kobold past the warrior kobolds on the other side of the trap. He took us to where there was an exit to the cave. He proceeded to exit the cave and we turned around to finish what we had started.

One of the mounted kobold seemed to have heard the sounds we made and headed over in our direction. We pressed up against the wall and when he was in range I struck out with my weapon. After I landed my initial blows to the basilisk that the kobold was mounted on me and Percy turned to deal with the other kobolds that were in the cave. Me and Percy continued to hold the line while Gawain, Scarloc, and Jiro dealt with the mounted kobold and the basilisk that he was riding. Percy and I slew two of the three warriors and the other fled. The other three managed to kill the basilisk and then the mounted kobold shortly after. We then took a moment to ourselves realizing the danger that lies ahead of us but went forward nonetheless. Jiro's familiar Teto went forward to scout what lied between us and our quarry. He spotted a pack of kobolds and another of the mounted kobold on the back of a basilisk. We decided that Jiro and Teto would blast the enemy with two fireballs and then the rest of us would follow up and clean up the rest. Teto after blasting his fireball was turned to stone again, but he had done his part by blasting apart their forces and we still had some kobold blood left so we could turn him back easy enough. I rushed forward and spotted the basilisk and his kobold rider, but in the gloom further back I spotted what appeared to be a kobold magic user. Believing in my comrades ability to take down the mounted kobold and his basilisk I decided to charge to kobold mage. I run up to him and swept him off his feet using the versatility of my halberd. On the ground I tied him up to be questioned after we defeated the mounted kobold. Shortly after tying him up the rest of the group took down the mounted kobold. We questioned the kobold about what lied ahead and he firmly believed that his 'god' would manage to defeat us. He didn't manage to cough up any information and wished to die by the hands of our quarry, but Scarloc and jiro didn't wish to give him that 'pleasure.'  Before I could protest Scarloc manage to slit his throat. Gawain started to protest and didn't believe that we had the ability to take down the target. Percy and I both tried to say that not only were we powerful enough, but it was our job to take down the beast before it could get any stronger. If it weren't us who would take the beast down who would do it? We managed to convince him to come along with us and we stepped into the beast's lair.

The Lair was putrid and smelled vile. Along the path there were several kobolds that had been turned to stone. It appeared that the beast had the same abilities as the basilisk, but was probably much stronger and would be tougher to take down. The dracolisk seemed to be aware of our presence as it spoke out as soon as we got into the cave. We continued forward and ahead of us I saw a pool of vile green liquid that was probably what the beast excreted in order to consume its prey. As I rounded the corner I came face to face with a massive beast that looked like the unholy combination of a dragon and a basilisk. I looked at it and it looked back at me with a hunger in its eyes. It attempted to stare deep past my eyes into my very being and turn me to stone. However my resolve was far too strong to be affected by such a paltry attempt and stopped the effects before they could do anything. It then spewed acid upon me, which although very painful couldn't stop me as I charged forward in attempt to bring down this monstrous creation. My first strike at the beast proved to be fruitless as his hid was too thick for me to penetrate with such a rushed strike. I would have to calm my emotions and strike with clarity in order to harm this creature. The others ran up and began striking it with their ranged weapons occasionally hitting chinks in the armor and harming the creature. I then attacked the beast with two strikes. In my anger and frustration with my first attempt, my halberd glanced off of the creatures scales to no effect. Realizing that brute strength alone would get me nowhere I took a second on my second attack to strike my halberd in a way that would most harm this creature, right in its eye. I brought my halberd back and took the spear portion of it and jammed it straight into the creatures eye. It pierced far into the creatures skull harming it dearly. My comrades continued to barrage the creature with a flurry of blows as the creature responded with another blast of acid coating everyone, except for Percy who was on the creature's flank, with a deluge of acid. I knew I couldn't take much more punishment, but neither could the creature. I struck out with a series of blows in desperation missing two of them in my rush to try and take down the beast. I managed to make one last chop at its neck slicing off its head almost entirely finally bringing the creature down. We stood there in awe of our accomplishment as well as harvesting many of the creatures scales and body parts. During the fight it apparently spoke out and asked why Gawain, who the creature claimed is the son of the former baron of Yampfield, was here. We were confused about the situation, but so was he. We were all very tired after the long battle against the kobolds and the dracolisk, however, and we all wished to return to the surface and get to Yampfield.

As we left, there were several kobolds outside as well as an angry Galahad attempting to bark at them, but seemed to have been silenced by some means. The kobolds then began to chant something that made it seemed as though they were woshipping us as gods. Then I realized the chant was not at all of us, but mainly directed at Gawain. I believe there to be some form of dragon lineage in his blood to make the kobolds worship them as they do. This combined with his resistance to the acid the was sprayed over us leads me to believe there is much more to Gawain than I first expected. We then made our way out of the cave above ground and started to make our way to Yampfield. I was filled with equal parts joy and dread to return to my hometown. I wished to see my friends from my youth again, but feared to see if they knew what had happened that night many years ago.


Jackson_Baldwin Lucius_Macedonicus

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