Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius' Log #12

Return to Yampfield

After slaying the dracolisk and leaving its cave we went on to Yampfield. The city wasn't too far away and we would be able to get there by the next day. As we approached the gates I realized that I was returning home, where I grew up, and where I left to seek atonement and become a paladin. Scarloc wished to be stealthy whilst entering the city, I think he drank some potion he got from a dungeon with some undesirable side effects that he wanted to get rid of before walking around the city. Me and Gawain on the other hand continued to the Hands of Heironus in order to complete the quest and retrieve our reward. We were introduced to some of the other members of the Yampfield branch of the Hands such as Maven, who was the leader, Duncan, Xaric, and Selsani. As we got ready to leave I noticed Percy with his jaw down staring at Selsani. He told me he found he attractive, I'll have to make sure he gathers the courage to do something about it. We left and both Gawain and I needed to grab some items to purchase. I needed to get a stone to help with my abilities to recall things from memory as it had always been a problem for me. Gawain wanted to check out the smithy in the Bridges. He inspected some of their wares, but ultimately just ended up purchasing a safe that we could store our items in safely at the Hands. Lastly Gawain wanted to see the headquarters of his company of men that he says he commanded. Upon arriving at the Ranger's Lodge the man who gave assignments to the various ranger groups didn't seem to recognize either Gawain or Percy. Gawain began asking about the dragoons, but the man, whose name is Sarconis, didn't wish to divulge information about any of the members. I began to have my doubts about Gawain and his past and that he was either lying about it or somehow his memory had been altered. I didn't want to think that the man who had now been with me on several perilous missions and threw his life on the line in those caves would lie about something that could easily be verified, so there was more than likely something more going on here that we would need to find out about. These problems would have to be figured out at another time as we were supposed to find the headquarters of some mysterious guild in the city of Yampfield.

We met up with Scarloc and Jiro and me and Gawain ended up going to Jiro's House to rest up for the next day. Jiro wanted to show Scarloc around town as Scarloc had never been in Yampfield before. Gawain and I went to the house and as we were getting ready to go to sleep and Scarloc had returned as well Jiro came bursting back into the house and started yelling at us that we needed to follow him as there was something very important. We asked him what it was, but for whatever it was he didn't want to tell us what the problem was. He got us onto the back of his horse and Galahad as well as hasting all of us and we flew through town to the Western district. We ended up going to one of the, well I consider it the temple to the Goddess of pleasure, but many others take the meaning of temple to mean other things, but that is how the goddess wishes to be worshipped so its no particular issue for me entering such an establishment. We went up the stairs to a room and then waited there for a short duration before a woman entered. She said that her name was Dove, or at least the was her code name and said she was the member of the velvet dagger, the guild that we were supposed to seek out. Apparently Jiro had found it on the first night, later it seemed as though that was not his intention and that he actually intended to partake in the temple's 'worship' services. Nevertheless we had found the guild and then another man entered the room. Man may not be the correct word as he seemed to be one of those tieflings I believe they are called. Looked like the combination of a man, dragon, and demon. He told us that there was a group of people who were going around town poisoning civilians and members of the clergy and trying make it seems as though it is a disease that is spreading across town. Hawk, the code name of the white dragon/demon man wanted us to figure who was doing it and put it to a stop. With that we were allowed to ask Fox about some information of our desire. I asked about the man who trained me whom I had presumed was dead, and she claimed that he was alive and well somewhat nearby. This was an interesting development for me and I would have to see what I could find out about it in the future. They allowed us to stay in rooms at the velvet dagger. Seeing as it would be more comfortable than staying at Jiro's house we agreed to do so. We went to bed with a fairly important tasked ahead of us the next day as they were killing members of my order. They must be stopped.


Jackson_Baldwin Lucius_Macedonicus

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