Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius' Log #7

Dayhill Politics

As I awoke the next day I went to the serpent and the wold to grab a bite to eat, as I usually do while in Dayhill. I talked to Balgus about who would join me in my conversation with the nobles of the town about the possible orc threat. He told me he would find someone who knew both the orcs and the area we encountered them very well. I thanked him and went to Methis' shop and found Jiro there and Scarloc eventually joined us as well. From him I purchased a magic belt that granted me immense strength. We spent a rather long time talking and wondering what to purchase from Methis that I had to hurry over to the Great Hall where the nobles stay. As I entered I saw none other than Eldor, the leader of the Hands of Heironus, on the other end of the table. At first I thought it odd that he would be sent as I felt he probably had more pressing matter, but I realized that the orc threat was very dire and Eldor more than likely had a wealth of knowledge about the subject. I half expected to have Eldor take the lead in discussing the amtters, but he was very taciturn and merely confirmed the warnings that I gave to Lady Folcey and Lord Smallwood. Lord Smallwood appeared to believe that the court wizard, Lucan Valerius, could handle the situation with his so-called ironclad initiative.

Afterward I went to go talk to Lucan, but he turned me away, and I swore that he asked if I was the paladin, which caused me to be slightly suspicious of the situation. Nonetheless I left him to his work and continued about my day. After going to sleep I was roused in the middle of the night by Gawain who asked me to help witness something. As I was very tired I truly had no clue what was going on. He then woke Jiro and it seemed to me that he and Scarloc received some type of mission from a strange hooded woman. It seemed that Scarloc was told to release one of the imprisoned bandits of the raid named Morton Salt. I obviously could not let this happen and rushed off to the prison cells to try and stop this from happening. Upon reaching the prison cells there was a lot of commotion as it appears that the giant had somehow gotten out of its chains and was wrecking havoc inside. I attempted to help, but the guards told us that they wanted to make sure that the giant remained alive. Lucan Valerius then appeared behind us as apparently Jiro had attempted to cast a spell on one of the guards. I would've chastised him as well, but Lucan appeared to have handled it. Lucan told us to return to the Hands as he was capable of handling the matter so we did. Scarloc appeared behind us and told us that he was late to trying to meet the hooded lady and was worried that he had failed or upset her. Hopefully she won't try to cause any trouble, at least for her sake. Very uneasily I went to bed, still shook up about the incident as well as the thought that Scarloc and Jiro would try to go behind our backs with such shady individuals. Hopefully I can turn them onto the right path before they attempt to associate with the less reputable members of the town again.


Jackson_Baldwin Lucius_Macedonicus

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