Chronicles of Marhalla

Ranger'Station Record 11

The Posion Lodge

Lucius' contact inside the city square, a father, something I can't remember some clergyman. Sent a letter that he saw a vision of the future. Apparently this vision showed King Aldwick being assassinatedone. He also gave Lucius aneeded idea on how to gain my Intel on this assassination. He had to go to the God of betrayl's shrine and seek guidance. We agreed to accompany him to this dread shrine. Once we left the main religious area the atmosphere changed, it went from happy and pious to cold and somber. We eventually made our wayou to this shrine. Upon entering I was greeted with a sense that I've grown aware to at this point. The sense of being watched. The sense that someone or something was always behind me. I got use to this feeling during my time in the beast Plains, and a border skirmisher. Lucius prayed to the God and he actually materialized right in front of us. He informed us that for information we had to remove two unwelcome guests in a different shrine. We went to this shrine and slew two ghosts, who tried to fear us, but the indomitable pose both Lucius and Percy struck invigorated all of us to fight fearlessly. Another note Galahad was unable to harm them. I must progress further in the drudic arts to properly be an good bonded companion to her. After we slew these damn undead, we returned, and we're informed that the plot would carry out tomorrow during the kings speech. We left and reported back in with Hawk we then went to bed, nervous for the next day. I was fine with saving the keen but I dislike having the nobility especially eyes on me. We awoke the next day and as we set off I was greeted with a familiar Dire Eagle. I was needed at the green watchers. I took Scarloc with me, as I needed a friend there if I was to meet my men again. Plus he had been there before. As we walked in, I thought I was prepared to meet my men. I was wrong. Upon seeing their smiling faces I nearly ran over to tell them the new stories I had gotten. I however reminded myself that they would not remember me. So I swallowed my sadness and greet my old comrades as strangers. What was strange a few members were missing, when I tried to find out where they were; I was informed that only two members were gone. Mordrid who Jiro scryed for me I learned was near the bandit capital Rax, and Bedivere. Her name brought back painful memories, and that bleek day raced across my mind. It seemed though that they either did want to share or did not know. Before we left they invited me to go on an expedition with them to prove my skills. I agreed, and was told that we would leave in a week's time. We then joined the others at the square. As we entered we saw that the entire noble class was here and the crowd was enormous. We did however spot a man with two axes who I sensed had posion on him. I told Lucius and Percy to restrain him while Scarloc Jiro and I looked for anything suspicious. We were too late however. A commotion in the front then running people informed us that we had failed. However I soon learned that it was not the king but Cain the court wizard had been poisoned.  We quickly escorted him to the temple for healing. We found a dart had poisoned him. I was unable to determine the posion however. We left and reported back to Hawk. He manged to identify the posion as the kiss of death. A very powerful and rare posion. It was then Teto flew in and informed us axe man was at the broken blade. Lucius also informed us that he knew the people who had done this. We then made our way to the Blade. Axe man was there as well as a women with red hair. I was not paying attention to the conversation more focused on getting ready for a fight. Eventually their leader came out, to me she was just another quarry for me to kill. However as we were leaving both Lucius and Scarloc left. As Jiro was walking out the door he realized too late that this whole thing was a setup. Axe man charged jiro as a fight started. Jiro summoned tentacles which entrapped the leader and the red haired maiden. This left me to pick them off. However to my dismay a fourth one popped out of the Shadow and hit me with a blow dart. I could feel the posion coursing through my veins, But angry surged through me. I would now allow the type of people I've hunted down and butchered for years best me. Percy and Jiro manged to kill Axe man however it was then that the cowards fled through a dimensional door. The rogue then ran out the back door. As we were getting ready to leave Dove appeared with the caltered rogue. We then transported her back to the Velvet Dagger to interrogate her. I came across three vials coated in posion as well as a pouch full of darts. Jiro and I came to the same conclusion posion her and force the information out. However not realizing the posion cod absorbed through the skin. As Jiro touched the dart he succumbed to the posion. As this happened I shoved the rogue to the ground to ensure she would try anything. However as I pinned her down Jiro with his last breath cast a snowball at her. I was sure that she was dead, he had crushed her sternum. She was tough however and hung on by a thread. I cast magic to stabilize her as Lucius healed her a little. Jiro was a fool. Never kill your prisoner while they as useful especially if they can save your life. Lucius and Percy took Jiro to the temple for healing. It was then me and Scarloc got to work. I would torture her as Scarloc would try to get information out of her. I had gotten use to the screams of people. My name on the border showed me that as evil as torture it is. That the information gained can save dozens even hundreds of lives. However realizing I could not continue without killing her we stepped out. In the span of the minute we left she escaped through a dimensional door. She did leaving a note saying which vial was an anditode.  And saying that the Posion Lodge would get revenge. We rushed to the temple and first gave the posion to Caein. Before I gave it to Jiro I made sure he actually wanted to live. He was a good friend but I would not tie him to this mortal realm if he did not want to. After that Hawk said our last trial was to find the leader of the Velvet Dagger. We split up and before going to sleep I checked in with our two paladins. They had witnessed the torture and I wanted to check in. Percy was disappointed in me. We were close friends once, but still it hurt. I almost told him that the Percival I knew had once tortured someone. He did however regret the action deeply. Lucius disapproved but understood why I did it. We then explained to Percy why we fought. We pulled out the sacred artifact to find the emerald was shining. We had apparently meet a knight of the tempest! We must find out who it was and meet them if we are to save this world. As we went to bed I found myself thinking about the women I tortured. I feel a small tinge of something. Shame? Regret? I do not know, but I must push these emotions aside. For my comrades I would do almost anything. And for those I loved I would do anything. The next day as we were eating Scarloc's fiance appeared. I was happy thinking Scarloc would get time with his beloved. However she instead gave us a grave warning.

Dayhill was in trouble. My thoughts raced back to Matrena. I'very lost too many people close to me. I refuse to lose another. Especially someone like Matrena. As we heeded to the Hands. We were stopped by Dove who was the Daggers Leader. We all joined. We also got brands on our arms to mark us belonging. I joined for more information on Mordrid I must find him no matter what. We then walked into the Hands and we're told that there was a magic circle leading to Dayhill. We all stepped in and next thing I knew we were in Dayhill. Time to figure how to save the town.


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