Chronicles of Marhalla

Scarloc's secrets 2

Cravens Cove

Finally, after months of searching , my first lead as to what had killed my tribe has come about. I have 3 others with me, they don't know and I doubt I should tell them. Who knows maybe in the end I'll have to kill them… no no that's going down a path you don't want to head down. Anyway I'll just have these guys be a potential asset in my endeavors. We finally reached the destination, the place that might just end my search for revenge… though if only it were that easy. Inside the cave we encountered some traps, we encountered some dark elves also, our first confrontation. I killed all three watched as our their heads rolled. Oh did it feel so good, killing those that wronged me. The one with full armor was completely useless though couldn't hit anything. Was this his first outing? He looked liked he had a lot more experience… huh appearances can be deceiving. Along the way with killing some more dark elves, everybody seemed to forget I was there half the time. It's like they have never seen someone stealth before. We met an injured halfling later and wow was she an incredible fighting machine. (note to self dont piss her off) towards the end we got locked in a room with a mysterious figure. He… he knew my name.(oddly enough he couldn't see me… nor could the people traveling with me.. What the fuck guys). I looked around the room, my masks… my tribes masks… what were they doing on the walls. The shade…. That he summoned… another of my tribe mates. What was going on who was this black shadow figure? We managed to kill everything, destroyed the masks, and laid to rest my tribe mate.

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As the dark figure escaped, I had realized my journey for revenge had just begun.


Jackson_Baldwin Scarloc

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