Chronicles of Marhalla

Scarloc's secrets 3

The Crossroad Caverns

By this time we had ended up a group called the sentinels of the blazing sun. Well might as well start making friends and finding a home since there is none to go to now. We met the true leader of the guild. A dark dragon named Gobi, and another halfling. (He had the same armor as me and seemed pretty cool.) We had a little sharing of stories and the Jiro fellow is kitsune fox man thing kinda strange. We had another mission, it was an assassination contract to kill an orc warchief. Well we got there and I decided to scout ahead, I had thought the group would be a little closer than what they were. But they stayed all the way in the back of the cave and I had let my guard down and ended up getting caught and ambushed by many goblins and a few orcs. We managed to get through that safely some of us hurt and exhausted. Then  comes the warchief, who wanted to fight “fairly” this isn't some sort of ritual to become leader, this is an assassination. No 1 on 1’’s. Well Mr. couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat decided to take his challenge. What is he insane? Well I hid a bit making my presence unknown, waiting for a time to strike. Mr. Paladin actually hit the guy, though granted he was a big target so it was kinda hard to miss him up close. The fight was taking a turn for the worse, and the kitsune had the same idea as me and pelted the big guy with a … snowball? Well whatever he did looked like he hurt the thing pretty bad. I let loose an arrow in just the perfect spot tearing through his chest and ripping out his heart. Killing this one… didn't make me feel good, it looks like I still have a moral compass outside of my revenge. Something unexpected though, when the goblins surrendered the Paladin killed him… something isn't right with him. You don’t kill unarm-… well I shouldn't be one to talk. There was one last orc in the cave, a spell caster who ended up marking us with a weird purple mark. We returned with the head in the bag to claim our reward.

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Jackson_Baldwin Scarloc

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