Chronicles of Marhalla

Scarloc's Secrets 4

Blood Bowl

Returning from our quest, we saw a dwarf woman arguing with Thoric, we asked what it was about. Thoric informed us that she was Thortona of the Kordar Kneecappers, another group belonging to the Hands. They were arguing about a certain mission regarding the take down of a hill giant. I was informed that the Kneecappers were a giant slaying specialty group so why was Thoric not letting them take it? With further talk we found out that only with the help of another team would he allow them to take the mission. Thortona agreed but only if we passed the first round of the blood bowl. The blood bowl… one of the worst things ever for me to take part in. Its like telling a fish to climb a tree. Not to that extent though. Im not a brawler or a straight up fighter. An arena in the middle of the day, im useless im more of the sneak around stab stab type of person. Well we needed the money. First round I did nothing and it was a little fuzzy , still cant remember exactly what happened but at least the ranger and Paladin were able to carry us through the first round. The fox and I were there merely to distract one monk while the other two dispatched the other monk. Well the 2nd round came about and we had to fight the Kordar Kneecappers. This would have really showed our strength (plus I really wanted the money  for the contract). The fight went well I didn't really do anything except break the string of my bow. The fox though, his balls of snow did wonders and practically won us the fight. Well except their last member , Matrina decided to forfeit the match,. We ended up fighting this Master Korimoto. He was easily stronger than us and all we had to do was strike him once and we would get the prize at the end. Surprisingly one of us hit him once, and he asked us for a 2nd go at him for an even bigger prize. Well long story short we got it, but barely. We got our prize money and a … horn? Well he did say it has one use and it is a special horn that will save our lives.

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Jackson_Baldwin Scarloc

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