Marnay Deephearth

The Kneekapper's Cleric


Marnay Deephearth did not grow up expecting a life of adventure. Her father was an adventurer in his own right who would disappear for long periods throughout her childhood, while her mother was a singer and a charlatan harrow reader. She grew up amid the dregs of society in Wyham, learning to read people as she read cards. Marnay’s life changed when her mother’s sister, Niona Goldthorpe, came to visit from the city of Harse. Where her mother seemed careworn and tired, Niona was vibrant and energetic. Her mother’s warnings that Niona led a dangerous life only made Marnay more determined to follow. It was not long after that Marnay ran away. She sought out her aunt, but upon arriving at Harse found the village recovering from a violent attack by giants. Niona had been one of the heroes who helped drive off the giants, but in doing so she had been killed by a parting hurled rock from a wounded hill giant.
Devastated by her aunt’s death and horrified by the damage the giants inflicted on the village, Marnay did much to help Harse recover from the attack. When her cousin, Niona’s daughter Matrena, told Marnay that another dwarf orphaned by the attack was reviving her family’s traditional role as giant hunters, Marnay knew she’d found her calling at last. She joined the Kneecappers soon thereafter, and hasn’t regretted a day of it.


Marnay Deephearth

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