Matrena Goldthorp

The Kneekapper's Ranger


Matrena Goldthorpe grew up in Harse, the child of Angrad “Two-Fingers” Goldthorpe and his wife, Olida. Although her mother was a priest of Desna, and although Matrena herself would likely have made an excellent cleric, she took after her father Angrad’s ways. One of Harse’s best archers, Angrad boasted an accuracy with the bow that wasn’t compromised in the slightest by his two-fingered shooting hand (the result of a close encounter with a bear trap as a child).
Matrena idolized her father, and did her best to follow in his footsteps. She proved an apt pupil, but when the giants came to Harse, her father locked her in the cellar, knowing she’d try to help protect the town. She still hasn’t forgiven him for this overprotective act, for she feels that had she been at his side, her parents would still be alive. When she learned that her childhood companion Thortona (already an orphan) had lost her brothers and sisters as well as her home in the fight, Matrena reached out to her forlorn friend. Together, they swore a pact of vengeance against all giants, vowing to resurrect the Kneecappers and to purge Marhalla of the giant menace wherever and whenever they could.
The pair despaired of finding faithful allies until their call for heroes was answered by Matrena’s own younger cousin and an ambitious cyphermage. Although they now have a full group, Matrena worries a bit about Marnay’s naiveté and her willingness to simply trust her luck, but Marnay has shown more guile than expected on many occasions, a helpful compensation for Matrena’s own indifferent social graces. Matrena has no illusions about Phethean’s loyalty, but as long as their interests coincide and they are able to help others while exacting vengeance upon all of giantkind, she is grateful for his contributions.


Matrena Goldthorp

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