Phethean Klexius

The Kneekapper's Mage


Phethean Klexius was born the son of successful brewers in the city of Riddleport, but he seemed more interested in the city’s Thassilonian ruins than in learning how to make ale. Frustrated, his parents apprenticed him to the Cyphermages, hoping the wizards there could make better use of the boy’s gifts.
Phethean proved a quick study, with a voracious appetite for runes and writings. Yet he had little patience for study, and after a particularly heated argument with a teacher ended in his expulsion from the Cypher Lodge, Phethean stole funds from his parents and purchased passage on a ship, hoping to find a better life far from home.
His travels eventually brought him to Harse, where he learned that the Kneecappers were looking to hire an arcanist. When he learned the group was focused on fighting giants, he approached them at once, for he knew well that Varisia’s giants often dwelt in close proximity to the mysterious rune-carved ruins that so intrigued him.
Phethean has no investment in the Kneecappers’ quest for vengeance. More important to him is the chance to discover giant lore, relics, and ruins. While his lack of interest in slaying giants annoys the others in the group, they value his magic too much to complain too loudly.
Phethean’s true motivations were made clear however when, while fighting their first true giant, Phethean sacrificed his own life so that Marnay would survive.
His death shook the Kneecappers to their core.


Phethean Klexius

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