Tennoculus Paraxio Levidrevicus

The Half-Orc Crier


Loud, gregarious and dangerously charming, this looming Half-Orc captivates and delights hundreds of onlookers from up on his stage with a flourish of magic and an epic speech.
Owning and operating Tenno’s Trinkets, Tennoculus Paraxio Levidrevicus is a large half orc that serves as the Bloodbowl’s crier, drawing in crowds of onlookers and participants to the fights run by the Three Walled Inn. Displaying skill in showmanship, magic, and bladework, Tennoculus is more than he seems.
Tennoculus Paraxio Levidrevicus stands 6’10 and looks around 35 maybe 40. In battle, he has been seen very skillfully wielding twin hidden wrist blades.


Tennoculus Paraxio Levidrevicus

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