Thortona Fjordtoft

The Leader of the Kneekappers


The eldest (and only surviving) daughter of the legendary giantslayers who comprised the original Kneecappers, Thortona showed an early affinity for the art of combat and a fiery temper that combined into an uncanny knack for breaking things. Thortona enjoyed roughhousing with her brothers and sisters, but soon grew annoyed by their lack of interest in fighting. She resented it when her parents left her to care for her younger siblings while they went off on their fateful final adventure. She increasingly left her siblings in care of the maids while she explored the hills and valleys surrounding Harse. She was on one such trip when the giants came to Harse and destroyed her home, slaying everyone within. Everyone and everything that had once been hers was lost, with the exception of one of her father’s journals—a book that contains much of the Kneecappers’ fighting techniques and philosophies.
Taking that book as her talisman, Thortona dedicated her life to vengeance upon the giants who destroyed her family and her home. She can appreciate the bitter irony that giants have brought death to her family just as her family had long brought death to them, but that cold comfort only fuels her chill fires of vengeance.


Thortona Fjordtoft

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