Chronicles of Marhalla

The Ranger's Record #3
Voyage to the Crossroad Caverns

The next mission we took from the Hands was to find and slay an Orc warchief. His underlings ambushed out rouge friend, but lucius managed to wipe them out handly. The Orc warchief then challenged him to a duel, it was an impressive display of martial display. However Orc warchief are no pushovers, Lucius needed some help, and thankfully Scarloc managed to deal the killing blow. After slaying the chief, there was some kind of orc spell caster who placed a curse on it, which we must found out how to remove it from us.

Jiro's Journal #398
Mission into the Craven's Cove

Well that was…something. The gentlemen I just met and I made our way to the cove Thoric informed us of. It began innocuous enough, but as we explored deeper, we faced several dark elves. They put up a good fight—if it wasn’t for the undeniable combat experience of my compatriots, I would likely be dead a hundred times over.

                We proceeded deeper and deeper into the bowels of the cave, as the surroundings got more and more mysterious. Demonic rituals were performed at many points of the cave. We managed to find some great loot, however—I valiantly had leapt across a treacherous cavern to fetch the gents the loot. Perhaps I wasn’t as useless as I had thought!

                We encountered a captured dwarven lady by the name of Miya Darcy. A tiny girl, but quite the beauty. I looked forward to pulling the moves on her in the near future. She assisted us for the remainder of our journey, offering both fantastic combative and restorative prowess.

                We ended up locked within a room, where we had to fight a shadowy man controlling a ghost. There was absolutely nothing I could do…I felt appallingly useless. However, when all seemed lost, Miya and Lucius used their divine powers to smite the beast. It was quite magnificent. However, the demon controlling him managed to escape—a terrifying sight to behold, somewhat reminiscent of the nightmare I saw back at the college.

                We returned to Dayhill with Thoric and Miya, proud of our accomplishments. When we got back within the guild halls, Miya departed our company. Why must all beautiful women leave me? Amidst my self pity, though, Thoric asked us to follow him down to the dungeon below the keep, where we met Eldor, the head of the Hands of Heironus. Behind him sat an enormous dragon which he called Gobi. Because that’s a way to make your new initiates feel welcomed.

                My new friends and I agreed to fight together for the Hands of Heironus, now under the title The Sentinels of the Blazing Sun. I loved it. Before we exited, however, Eldor suggested I removed my disguise and display my true form. While I did, indeed, trust my new partners, I still was terrified to reveal my true form. However, I knew I had no choice. I stopped them during our ascent up the winding staircase and revealed my canine form. Instead of the animosity I expected, they were all incredibly accepting. This took me aback—since my departure from the college, my true form has been met with nothing but vitriol and anger. These men simply did not care. It felt good to finally don my true form. I gained an indescribable sense of safety amongst these fighters, one that I had not felt for a long time.

The Ranger's Record #2
Mission into the Craven's Cove

The first mission the hands gave us was to clear out a cave full of dark elves. Turns out the cave was full of not only dark elves but undead. After battling our way through both of them we found a survivor from the previous expedition. Eventually found we found the leader of undead. He summoned some kind of spector who actually snuck on me. After leaving the cave, we found Thoric. He had just killed a dire wolf and there was one puppy left. I managed to bond with my creature. I called him Galahad, before a closer inspection turned a him to a her. Galahad is a true companion and I am glad we bonded. Also Thoric agreed to hire my crew as well, I look forward to seeing them again. At the end, the group I was with became The Sentinels of the Blazing Sun.

Lucius's Log #2
Mission into the Craven's Cove

After waking up in the hands of Heironus we were tasked with clearing out a den infested by lawless dark elves. This cove proved to be more than just a cove of dark elves terrorizing the countryside. Behind a magically sealed door that opened by speaking the name of a blasphemous god, Urgathoa, in order to enter. Inside was the ghost of a member of Scarloc’s tribe. This being was obviously summoned by necrotic means and I believe the shadow being that was behind this ghost will posed a threat to us in the future and should be dealt with if at all possible. Upon leaving the cove Thoric was waiting for us and lead us back to Dayhill and the Hands of Heironus Headquarters. There we took an oath to the Hands of Heironus from the leader of the guild eldor, who had a dragon named Gobi, to serve as guild members and as a subgroup of the Hands known as the Sentinels of the Blazing Sun.

Jiro's Journal #380
Initiation into the Hands of Heironus

I woke up, dazed and lightheaded, thankfully still donning my human persona. However, without missing a beat, I was met with the face of a loud dwarf yelling about how I need to join his mercenary group. I was amongst a brawny paladin named Lucius, a mysterious rogue named Scarloc and a serious-looking ranger named Gawain. Oh well. I went along with the charade, knowing better than to cause a scene amongst strangers. Some might catch on to my true form. Why did I ever leave the riverboat…

Lucius's Log
Initiation into the Hands of Heironus

After parting with a separate mercenary group for killing and looting unarmed travelers along the road I travelled to the nearest town, Dayhill, in order to find new employment and absolve myself for associating with such unruly people. As I began my travel towards Dayhill I rested and was met with a fantastical dream. Upon waking up I continued travelling towards Dayhill and heard combat off to the side of the road. I rushed to see if I could aide those who needed it and was met by several creatures that I attempted to fight off. I was knocked out by a centaur looking creature, and before I passed out I saw the Dwarf who I now know as Thoric stab the creature and proceed to take me back to the Hand’s headquarters. After being woken up me and three others, a wood elf, half elf, and human who later turned out to be a kitsune, accepted a quest from the guild’s leader Thoric to clear Craven’s Cove from Dark Elves.

The Ranger's Record
Initiation into the Hands of Heironus

Traveled to from Yampfield in order to find new work. Heard the Hands of Heironus was a mercenary group that paid well and was looking for memebers.

Scarloc's Secrets
Initiation into the Hands of Heironus

It had been a few months since the slaughter of my tribe. I have been following leads on who or what had committed these atrocities. Revoking my pledge of killing my body count skyrocketed. I always thought to myself if my family knew of what I had done, I would for sure have been exiled. Though Exiled of what? A tribe no longer alive? Family I could no longer return to? and fiance I never had a chance to start my life with? These questions I asked myself were the exact reason for revoking my pledge. I no longer was a petty thief stealing from the rich I am now a murderer, hell-bent on revenge using and killing anyone or anything that gets in my way.  Upon coming across some information in Dayhill about a group of dark elves who had done some killing just north in the forest, I had also heard about a mercenary group taking up a contract to slay them. I never joined… at first, but i tried to track them down following them for a day or so I ended up losing them. While trying to find the trail I had lost I heard swords clanking together , loud shouts, and yells even some roars. I went to investigate and ended up getting myself caught up. Not usually my thing but I must of been angry or was it bloodthirsty? All the killing is driving me down a path I never intended to go down but alas it seems I have been delving deeper and deeper into territory that I should have never have gone to. (Killing hasn’t been bothering me lately but I hope I do not get so accustomed to it that I enjoy it.) I managed to kill an Orc and climb a tree to disappear from sight but they had a troll and i was not used to these trees.  They were nothing like the ones back home, not easy to climb. I ended up losing my footing and when I fell The troll grabbed me and I was getting hurt pretty bad, to no avail of escaping I was reaching the point of unconsciousness. Thoughts went through my head “ was this it? Was my tribe ever going to be avenged? “ As I was about to black out I notice a short man with two axes slaying the giant as everything goes black. I woke up in a building of some sort and inn maybe? I saw the short man , but looking at him I could tell it was Dwarf, no man would dare take a troll on his own. There was a man with a weapon that looked like it could be used anything, very versatile. There was another man had the look of jester of maybe someone who looks full of himself. I don't like his face ,something about it seemed…unnatural. A hooded figure ended up walking in, I was thinking what was with the secrecy but considering myself and my masks I shouldn't judge He may just be another one I kill as well as the other three that are here. This one seemed familia , his body make seemed familiar… Yet different. He came in looking for work and we were told about the dark elves. My eyes widened but I quickly kept my cool before anyone could notice. We ended up leaving the next day on a mission. Has my time for revenge finally arrived? Can I finally please my tribe for for their destruction? What will I do when it’s over…? Which brings me back to the same thoughts. Where will I go with no Tribe? Who will I associate with, with no Family? What family can I start with no fiance? …Where will I go?

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