Chronicles of Marhalla

Ranger Record's 10
The Fall of a Dragoon

Yampfield. I missed the familiar smell of it, of the baking bread, the smell of farmlands, the port. It smells like home. I've only been gone a month but it felt like so much longer, and the sight of the walls was a welcome one. We were let into the city easily enough, Lucius and I decided to go report this branch of the Hands, and collect our reward. Scarloc and Jiro went off and did they own thing, something about getting the black mark off of Scarloc. Most items sold by the Iron Consortium is protected from the common thief. When Lucius and I arrived at the Hand I was surprised to see it so small. They have a total of five members including the front desk/leader of the branch Mavin. They are a interesting group. However when I inquired about the Dragoons turns out Mavin had heard that they were being lead by someone else. This news shocked me, so I asked if Lucius and Percy would accompany me to the Green Watchers. Its where all the Rangers call home. When we entered I was greeted with the familiar sight of the watchers the fire burning, the smell of wilderness itself. In the center was a familiar sight. Sarconis, the leader of the Deepwood Rangers, and his dire eagle.  Sarconis was the liaison between the mercenary groups and the Yampfield militia he handed out the missions, as well as prepared the Deepwood excursions. He also never forgets a face. However when I greeted him he had no memory of me, This is terrifying, if Sarconis can't remember me, then odds are no one in the Dragoons can. It was also then that I decided to tell Percy his memories were most likely altered. I needed information so our next step was the Broken Blade. My go to tavern, there's almost always a bar fight going on. As soon as we walked in, I was welcomed with a bar fight. It was good to be home. I talked to the bar keep, a fat old lady by the name of Hildr. If you paid gold you could get info from her. I learned that the Dragoons was lead by Ector. This is bad, this means that the entire Dragoon's memories were altered, as well as any who had close ties with me; or my memories were the fake ones. We decided it would be best to go to Jiro's for the night to rest.  Turns out Jiro had found our contact with the Velvet Blade at the infamous brothel. In exchange for talking with the leader of this branch, Fox the guild master gave each of us a bit of information. Turns out the Dragoon's memories were altered, and that the best clue that I could gather is from the survivor of the group. There's only one person who was never accounted for after the ambush. Mordrid. If he is truly alive I must find him, it is my duty as his captain for failing him. We were then informed that there were poisonings going on throughout town. We agreed to help the Velvet Dagger find out the source of the Poison. We all went to bed after that, besides Jiro who went and had some fun with some hookers. The next day we went to the city square, I wanted to ask the court wizard a few questions. As we entered the Square, I was greeted by scores of nobility, it was a sight to behold. All these fat cats live a care free life as the people suffer. As we entered the palace we were greeted by the King Aldwicks youngest. Prince Vilkus. He guided us to Caein, the court Wizard. I asked him about memory altercation. Only two things could do it, a alter memory spell, which only affects the last couple minutes. the alternative if by a psychic changing their memories, which takes time. After that we all took our leave. Upon exiting we were greeted by the damn prince. Turns out he was eavesdropping. If we were in the palace I would of killed him for such an act. However he did point me in the direction of a local physic who might be able to help me.  Lucius Scarloc and Percy went to find a old friend of Lucius's who had been poisoned as Jiro agreed to come with. When we arrived at the psychic greeted us, upon entering I felt a presence in my mind, and she was reading my thoughts. Her name was Vidora. She said she would read my entire mind to find out if my memories had been altered. I was skeptical at letting a stranger into my deepest darkest memories, especially the one involving Matrena. However Jiro was here, and I have grown to trust the lad, and then I though of what I would do if it were the fellow Sentinals. So I agreed to let her into my mind. It was a feeling I would not wish upon my worst enemy, it felt like my consciousness was being smoothered. After what seemed like an eternity she pulled back. My memories were clean, and unaltered. This was good, which means that I just need to save the Dragoons. After that we meet back up with the others. We decided to gather info at tavern closer to the docks. There we learned that the common folk might be a distraction from the clergy, and that there might be someone to gain from the clergy being poisoned. Scarloc meet an old friend I believe, but he did not share what happened so I did not press. We decided to go to the Broken Blade, since its in the scum part of town, more unsavory people go there. After bribing Hildr for information. We learned that no one in the Western District had been poisoned, and that the Clergy supports King Aldwick's older son to succeed him. The most likely culprit is the young prince who we had meet. Which means that Vidora might be on his side. She knows all my secrets. I must take measures to prevent backlash against the Sentinels, and Matrena. We returned back to the brothel and reported back to Hawk. He guessed that whoever was behind the poisoning was onto the fact that the brothel also served as the front for the Velvet Dagger. It however had been a long and trying day, so we all decided to go to bed. I believe it is time that I share the whole truth with the group, they are my comrades in arms, and they have earned my respect. It is the least I could do to show my trust.

Ranger Record's 9

I awoke to find Matrena was no longer here. Saddened that I wouldn't get the chance to see her one more time, I was about to get up, when the men entered my room and informed me that I had slept in. After that we were on our way. I got to ride Galahad for the first time for a good distance. I am currently training her on how to bear a rider in combat. Along the way to Yampfield we meet a traveling Merchant, his name was Sam, he wares were expensive, and unknown to me Scarloc stole a potion which soon became a double-edged sword. We continued our journey. About two days away from Yampfield we found evidence that some creature was changing the land around us. It was no longer the forest I remember but a swamp. We went further in and eventually found signs of Kobold's. They worship dragons, or next best thing dragonkin as Gods. More concerning was the fact that there were also basilisk tracks, and only a strong Kobold could ride one. Before we could fall back, we set off a trap. Percy fell into a a cave system, and unable to get him out we all went down. We were immediately set upon by Kobold's. They had saboteurs, set of all unknown types of traps. After fighting through their home we captured one alive. He showed us how to go deeper into the cave. Again we were set upon by traps and numerous Kobold's. Then we found another trap, and knowing there must be a saboteur near by, looked for the creature. We found and and struck a deal. It would get us past the trap, and show us how to get deeper, in exchange we would not kill him. He upheld his end, so we let him go through the exit. Then we set ourselves to clearing out the rest. The kobold's riding the Basilisks were a breed different and posed a challenge. Luckily I got some of their blood, the only way to cure their petrification affect, and we saved Teto who had turned to stone. Twice. Eventually we found the lair of the creature, which had become to seem less like a dragon, and more like a giant basilisk.  Turns out I was semi right. The creature turned out to be a drasilisk, a hybrid of a dragon and a basilisk, and it could spew acid and turn you to stone. At one point it spewed acid all over us, but it, like so many times before then, just slide off my harmlessly. The creature looked…. Scared? Concerned? It even spoke ancient draconic, which it stated that I was the span of a Kronsieg.  Apparently his family line is immune to acid, which is handy. After a hard fight, we managed to kill the thing; and got some good items from it. However Jiro walked up to the creature and begun to ask it questions, I wanted to know what it knew about the Kronsieg line. Then Jiro asked it, if I could be trusted. Fair enough considering that I don't talk much, and have been pretty secretive, but still ballsy for asking a dead creature that, in front of the guy. As we were leaving the den, we were greeted by a host of kobold, and the old saboteur that we had let go. Beginning to doubt myself for being too soft and not killing them, they began to bow to us. Guess they viewed us as gods, since we killed theirs. Turns out they were worshipping just me for being the spawn of a Kronsieg. I need no mindless worshippers, and ignored them, as we left the cave. The surrounding lands were beginning to go from swamp back to the forest. I was extremely relived, if I don't protect this wilderness who will? We camped for the night, I told the group about Percy being Percival, and they agreed to help me. Maybe it time I fully trust them? They have shed blood with me, and saved my life. They are my comrades in arms, I will try to open up to them.

Ranger Record's 8

After finishing my druid training I went and found the others. We went to Thoric and he gave us words of wisdom. He believed that we had finally outgrown Dayhill. He gave a mission, to travel to Yampfield and help that branch of the Hands grow and expend. One way to do this was in the form a mission. We had to go investigate the possible sightings of a dragon in the area around Yampfield. We even got a bonus if we found the creature and killed it. However we decided that we would leave in two days times. The first day I went about getting chores done, got some food for the road for me and Galahad. Then Lucuis came into the Hands and I was shocked by what I saw. Behind Lucuis was Percival, my second in command of the Dragoons. However he had to memory of me, and when I tried to figure out if he was bluffing he had no memory of me; this does bod well for my men. I need to return to Yampfield and find the rest of them. The next day I wanted to say goodbye to Matrena, but she was nowhere to be found, so I just went with the others for a day to relax. Balgus though invited us to have dinner, so after a calm day we went to the inn. What a surprise!!! Turns out the friends we had made in Dayhill had come for a farewell party! The Kneecappers where there as especially the beautiful Matrena who was enthralling the people with a song! Thankfully I got some alone time with her, after some words of self doubt, she informed me that I must return back alive. After a passionate kiss, I had to show my comrades who was the tough guy of the group, took a shot of the black liquor, and remained semi standing. Matrena then helped walk back to my room. Then she decided to spend the night with me, it was a night of passion and love, and not one I will forget for a long time. It would be the last good night for a awhile as it turns out.

Lucius' Log #10
The journey to Yampfield

We began our journey to Yampfield the day after a night of heary drinking and merriment. I was fairly hung-over, but we must press on as there was a contract we had to complete. There was the possibility of a dragon in the area that we had to confirm the existence of and, if possible, slay the beast. On the road we were encountered by a traveling salesman with the last name Shorthalt. He was selling all sorts of potions and trinkets, however I had recently spent the majority of my money on a belt of giant's strength, and I didn't earn too much money from working for Argon. None of us made any purchases, but Jiro asked for the halfling to hold onto a trinket that could allow for him to put his horse into the trinket to easily carry it. We continued on our way and finally made it to Wyham. Jiro and Gawain didn't want to leave their animals and the Inn didn't want to have them in the establishment, understandably so, so we went further along the path and slept at the edge of the forest.

We finally managed to make it close to the area that we were told the dragon might be and decided to head east. The area was fetid and being converted into a swamp possibly from the presence of the dragon. Gawain seemed confident he knew where to head to find it and we ended up collapsing into a cave. Gawain told us he saw several kobold and basilisk tracks around the area before the cave. We began to move through the cave, as it was probably where the dragon resided, and we encountered a group of kobolds. Both Percy and Jiro cast fireballs and pretty much took out the entire group of kobolds leaving Gawain, Scarloc, and I to clean up the remaining kobolds. We managed to capture one of the kobolds and interrogate him to tell us if he knew where the dragon is. He told us they didn't refer to it as a dragon, but as the —. He led us in the direction of the presumed dragon and we tied up the kobold to one of the stalagmites. As we pressed on through the tunnel Scarloc managed to spot a trap and continued forward the opposite direction of the tracks. Behind the pillar was a kobold that attempted to assassinate him, but failed miserably. We managed to take him out, but Scarloc ended up tripping the trap and fell in. We managed to extract him from the pit right before a patrol of kobolds hit us. After some initial difficulty we managed to slay the kobolds with only one of them escaping. We still have yet to fight the basilisks and the dragon, but I know we are up to the task.

Lucius' Log #9
Before our journey to Yampfield

We had but a few days remaining before our trip to Yampfield after I returned from the trip with Arcus. I didn't have very many pressing matter to attend to in the city so I simply decided to make some extra money by helping out Argon in the forge. It was quite a sight watching Argon do his work. He could merely mold metal as one would mold pottery. His titan strength and natural fire would allow him to heat the metal and bend it into the form that he desired. I was relegated to menial task finishing off the weapons such as sharpening and quenching, but this did allow Argon to do what he did best instead of having to stop to do what he asked me to do. After only a couple of days Gawain too returned to Dayhill and at this point Galahad was a massive beast, so big in fact that he was able to ride her. We then discussed our plans to head to head to Dayhill as it seemed that everyone was in agreement. We told Balgus about our plans and oddly enough there was a quest to try to complete around the area of Yampfield that we could complete. The plans were made and we decided to set off within the next two days.

During this time Gawain came and talked to me and revealed that Percy had been a member of his dragoons, but he had no memory of that period at all. He told me that he looked the same and even had the same scars he had during his time as a dragoon. This put me in a strange place as I didn't want to take someone else's member away from them. The only good thing about the situation is that now Gawain at least knows the location of at least one of his dragoons. Gawain fears that the rest of his dragoons has suffered the same fate as Percy in that their memories probably have been removed in some way. That should definitely be oen of the many things we try to accomplish after arriving at Yampfield.

Two nights before leaving for Yampfield I was awoken by Jiro and we entered his room, or Scarloc's I can't remember as I was awoken in the middle of the night. In there was a cloaked woman who called herself fox. Her request was that we would help expand her operations in Yampfield as the clergy had done a fairly good job clamping down on these actions. I was entirely against these actions as was Gawain, but Scarloc wished to helped as he believed he could learn a great many things from her or her organization. It wasn't until Fox told us she knew a great many things. She claimed she Knew what Antonius was up to. I stood dumbfounded for a second because I believed him to be dead. I didn't believe her words, but I was curious as to what she was talking about. I agreed to help her out for this one task as Scarloc desired this and she claimed to know the location of Gawain's Dragoons. We all agreed to accomplish this one task for her. She thanked us and then left through the shadows, but not before saying the "Caelina would be proud," as well as acknowledging she knew some of the things that I have done in my past. I had spent the last few years trying to atone for my actions and control myself to prevent anything like that from happening again. Her knowledge of these events unsettled me greatly as it showed just how far her influence reached.

On the last night before we left Dayhill we went to Balgus' tavern as we usually do and to our surprise all of the friends that we had made had gathered there. We had a merry old time and talked and drank and ate. Later on through the night, after I probably had entirely too many drinks, Percy joined us and I shouted out that he needed to catch up in how much the rest of us had drank. Paraxio dropped in some black liquid into an ale. After he drank it he almost instantly was knocked out. I thought to myself I can handle it much better than Percy and requested the same drink. Past that point I have no recollection of what happened during the night. The next morning I had a right terrible headache, but nonetheless we had a journey ahead of us that we must begin.

Scarloc's Secrets #1
Initiation into the Hands...

It had been a few months since the slaughter of my tribe. I have been following leads on who or what had committed these atrocities. Revoking my pledge of killing my body count skyrocketed. I always thought to myself if my family knew of what I had done, I would for sure have been exiled. Though Exiled of what? A tribe no longer alive? Family I could no longer return to? and fiance I never had a chance to start my life with? These questions I asked myself were the exact reason for revoking my pledge. I no longer was a petty thief stealing from the rich I am now a murderer, hell-bent on revenge using and killing anyone or anything that gets in my way.  Upon coming across some information in Dayhill about a group of dark elves who had done some killing just north in the forest, I had also heard about a mercenary group taking up a contract to slay them. I never joined… at first, but i tried to track them down following them for a day or so I ended up losing them. While trying to find the trail I had lost I heard swords clanking together , loud shouts, and yells even some roars. I went to investigate and ended up getting myself caught up. Not usually my thing but I must of been angry or was it bloodthirsty? All the killing is driving me down a path I never intended to go down but alas it seems I have been delving deeper and deeper into territory that I should have never have gone to. (Killing hasn’t been bothering me lately but I hope I do not get so accustomed to it that I enjoy it.) I managed to kill an Orc and climb a tree to disappear from sight but they had a troll and i was not used to these trees.  They were nothing like the ones back home, not easy to climb. I ended up losing my footing and when I fell The troll grabbed me and I was getting hurt pretty bad, to no avail of escaping I was reaching the point of unconsciousness. Thoughts went through my head “ was this it? Was my tribe ever going to be avenged? “ As I was about to black out I notice a short man with two axes slaying the giant as everything goes black. I woke up in a building of some sort and inn maybe? I saw the short man , but looking at him I could tell it was Dwarf, no man would dare take a troll on his own. There was a man with a weapon that looked like it could be used anything, very versatile. There was another man had the look of jester of maybe someone who looks full of himself. I don't like his face ,something about it seemed…unnatural. A hooded figure ended up walking in, I was thinking what was with the secrecy but considering myself and my masks I shouldn't judge He may just be another one I kill as well as the other three that are here. This one seemed familia , his body make seemed familiar… Yet different. He came in looking for work and we were told about the dark elves. My eyes widened but I quickly kept my cool before anyone could notice. We ended up leaving the next day on a mission. Has my time for revenge finally arrived? Can I finally please my tribe for for their destruction? What will I do when it’s over…? Which brings me back to the same thoughts. Where will I go with no Tribe? Who will I associate with, with no Family? What family can I start with no fiance? …Where will I go?

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Jiro's Journal #502

It's been quite a hectic few weeks.

The mission we were assigned turned out to be sent from none other than Alec himself, the traveler who we recently met. He lied about the payment and was generally pretty shifty. We reacted accordingly—all of us (even Lucius, the sweetheart of the group!) ganged up and yelled at the boy. It was cathartic letting that out, but we really hurt his feelings and he left the next morning. Normally I wouldn't care, but we wanted to see what was so special about the mission. We tracked him down and, after a bout of pouting from him, rejoined forced with Alec. 

We came to a bizarre dungeon of an orc chieftain, filled with powerful magic and a labrynthine layout. While we did not encounter too many common enemies, we were forced to answer riddles, discover chambers, and indeed battle some arcane foes. During this time, Alec was somewhat frightened but was a great combat ally. His bizarre magical properties served to be a boon to the group. His worry was honestly somewhat endearing, and though he is insanely annoying, I started to grow rather fond of the boy. 

Gawain came into a near-death situation involving a golem and a riddle, but through his fabled wit and wisdom made it out. At the other end we found a strange room where human experiments were being conducted. On either end sat a powerful artifact; one being a dangerous, dark gemstone, the other brimming with restorative properties. As a sorcerer, I wished to collect it, but Alec was fearful I would try to steal it for myself. The bastard even called me untrustworthy (rich from the pissant who left us stranded in the wilderness because he is too sensitive.) Scarloc ended up carrying the wand. On top of it, we found a large cache of magical goodies—it was quite remarkable! I was brimming with excitement. I even found a ring of sustenance, an object I was pursuing for quite some time. We happily left, riches in tow. 

However, before we could escape, we were faced with yet another puzzle. The others to this point were surmountable, so we (I, rather,) went into it somewhat gung-ho. This proved to be a bad idea. To make a long story short, the room was filled with lava and we would need to act quickly to escape. We tore a door off it's hinges and used it as a bridge (Alec and I were champs,) resulting in us finally unlocking the door. However, as we made our escape, Alec was stuck behind the sea of molten rock. I insisted we stayed to rescue him, but the rest insisted we left. While I am not going to claim we always got along, there was something so crushing about seeing his face growing more and more distant as I was pulled up the stairs to the exit. It was Phethian all over again.

However, my laments wouldn't last long. As we arrived outside, we were ambushed by a tribe of vicious orcs. At this point, our lives were gone and that there was nothing left we could do.  However, the cheiftain struck us a bargain; he would let us live if we not only gave him most of our loot, but also we agreed to help him when he needs us in the future. We had no choice but to comply. First the loss of Alec, now the loss of our riches. What a spectacular day.

We made our way back to Dayhill, greeted by the Hand's trademark dwarf, Thoric. He informed us that Alec was not dead, and that we had a means of communicating with him. We got the chance to speak to him, and he informed ups that he made an escape after a mere day. This made me ecstatic, almost removing the frustration of losing our goods. At the very least, we could keep a new ally—and were about to make another one. That night, I stayed up and performed a ritual to unleash Teto's potential. He entered the sweet, small scorpion we knew and exited a beautiful masked arbiter of the dead, a Nosoi Psychopomp. Truly badass.

With newfound courage, I told the group I wished to speak to Lucan Valerius head-on and stop avoiding my problems. They gave me their blessing. Although I was terrified, I finally mustered the courage to knock at his door. I was met by the familiar green eyes of the cute court wizard's mage, followed by the deep voice of Headmaster Valerius granting me entry. I was practically shaking as he invited me to sit down with him. However, I was not met with the hostility or scheming resentment I was expecting. Instead, he seemed rather exhausted—an indescribably refreshing emotion to see him wear. 

It's rather embarrassing to admit this, but I think I might have made a mistake. Over the next hour or so, we discussed the events that had unfolded over the last few years. Firstly, he informed me that my parents were still alive and well—I was incredibly relieved to hear this. However, he also explained that the fall of Annell Tower was at the hands of the forces of Abaddon, the most fearful plane known to man. He risked his life to protect the tower that day, resulting in horrible injuries and a potential curse. The beast I saw him conjure that day was not to aid him, but rather for him to bargain with. Apparently, the beast's noticing of me resulted in Valerius' ability to keep him maintained, in a way saving his life. I saved Lucan Valerius' life…now that's a sentence I never thought I would say. We parted ways after a while. While I cannot be sure if what he told me was even remotely true, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to trust him.

Before I could finally retire for the night, though, Scarloc entered my room followed by a shadowy figure. The figure told us to meet her on the south side of town the following day. We complied, but were ambushed and knocked unconscious on our way there. We awoke to the shadowy lady once more. She gave us our assignments: Scarloc was to break Morton Salt, a raider prisoner, out of jail, and I was to learn more about a project of Lucan's called Ironclad—no more information than that. Could Ironclad be an evil plot? Perhaps I was too quick to associate with the headmaster. 

I approached the headmaster's door once more, and he once again welcomed me in. He seemed a bit impatient, but before I could even ask him about it, he told—or rather, showed me what Ironclad was all about. In the corner of his room, a once hidden behemoth of a man materialized. It was clearly human, but also clearly…wasn't. He told me that he has been experimenting with magic to 'upgrade' the guards of the town so we would never be in danger again. Knowing this would be my last chance to do so, I asked him if I could assist in his project. To my surprise, he agreed, stating that he would also help me finally learn Protean during this time. I was taken aback at his agreement…it made me oddly happy knowing he liked (or at least tolerated) me enough to work alongside me for 12 hours a day, even after our rocky past. I gave him a thankful bow and left him to discuss matters with Scarloc. Before I left for the Hands I finally decided to make a move on that cute maid girl, but she started freaking out and ran back inside. Huh, didn't expect her to be such a spaz. Oh well, I am sure I will get into her pants at some point.

Now, I face a dilemma unlike any other…I am torn between two mysterious individuals. I could either truthfully support Lucan through his endeavors, or simply act as reconnaissance for the mysterious lady. Headmaster Valerius…the man I spent the last few years running from, who caused me so much anguish and sleepless nights…just like that, he completely changes in my perspective. It makes me sad that I can't trust anyone. I feel somewhat alone. While it would be wise of me to assume Lucan is simply lying through his teeth, I want so desperately to have a mentor…a real father, even. Oh well. At least I have you, Teto.

Ranger Record's 7
Time off

We finally have a couple days off. The day started pretty normal woke up talked with the other pretty normal. However I noticed that Jiro and Scarloc went to talk privately. I decided to eavesdrop on it, turns out some lady contracted them to look into Mortan Salt. Well I decided to talk Scarloc, He's young and doesn't understand how cruel the world it is. I was concerned that by agreeing to help this mysterious women he would be forced to steadily do more and more evil deeds, and I would rather not happen to a friend. I couldn't dissuade him from his task, but warned him that should anything happen to, Salt who is my contact with the bandit incursion, I would be very cross.  However much to my pleasure Scarloc didn't make it to his rendezvous. However the prison was burned down and all the prisoners died, I must look into it, Salt was the best chance to convince the bandit leader to help us against the orcs. Without him we have no potential allies to call upon. The next day however was a day to be excited about! The double date with Matrena.  The date went pretty well, any day I see Matrena is a good day. The date was me and Matrena and Scarloc and Valtyra, Scarloc seemed a bit awkward though, but he's young he'll catch on.  However earlier in the day I was shocked to hear about that scouts in Yampfield have gone missing. I was worried about my men, but Matrena managed to calm my nerves. Later, I went with my druid teacher Neela in hopes of expanding my druidic knowledge. Turns out Neela is a Nature Warden, people devoted to the protection of nature, and lands sacred to them. Neela also showed me the animal companion that she has bonded with. She was also able to use a spell that allowed her to travel between any two trees. We traveled to her warded territory which was in llluvegiliath. The things I learned there, words can't even describe properly. I deepened my connection to nature, learned to speak with trees. Towards the end of my training Neela gave both me and Galahad a task. We had to find a intruder who was not native to her lands. After tracking it, I found the creature it was badly wounded; and it had the ability to turn its foes that it stares at into stone. Luckily both me and Galahad managed to overcome it. Luckily I managed to calm the creature, and in return for treating its wounds it left. Neela was not far away and congratulated me. Neela made me question what I really fight for, I must reflect upon this further. However we had a ritual to commence, a ritual to deepen my connection with Galahad. After the ritual not only did I feel my bond deepened, but Galahad was full sized due to Neela and her druidic arts! I wanted to stay there forever. but Neela said we had to leave, she casted the magic which allowed to to return to Dalehill.

Lucius' Log #7
Dayhill Politics

As I awoke the next day I went to the serpent and the wold to grab a bite to eat, as I usually do while in Dayhill. I talked to Balgus about who would join me in my conversation with the nobles of the town about the possible orc threat. He told me he would find someone who knew both the orcs and the area we encountered them very well. I thanked him and went to Methis' shop and found Jiro there and Scarloc eventually joined us as well. From him I purchased a magic belt that granted me immense strength. We spent a rather long time talking and wondering what to purchase from Methis that I had to hurry over to the Great Hall where the nobles stay. As I entered I saw none other than Eldor, the leader of the Hands of Heironus, on the other end of the table. At first I thought it odd that he would be sent as I felt he probably had more pressing matter, but I realized that the orc threat was very dire and Eldor more than likely had a wealth of knowledge about the subject. I half expected to have Eldor take the lead in discussing the amtters, but he was very taciturn and merely confirmed the warnings that I gave to Lady Folcey and Lord Smallwood. Lord Smallwood appeared to believe that the court wizard, Lucan Valerius, could handle the situation with his so-called ironclad initiative.

Afterward I went to go talk to Lucan, but he turned me away, and I swore that he asked if I was the paladin, which caused me to be slightly suspicious of the situation. Nonetheless I left him to his work and continued about my day. After going to sleep I was roused in the middle of the night by Gawain who asked me to help witness something. As I was very tired I truly had no clue what was going on. He then woke Jiro and it seemed to me that he and Scarloc received some type of mission from a strange hooded woman. It seemed that Scarloc was told to release one of the imprisoned bandits of the raid named Morton Salt. I obviously could not let this happen and rushed off to the prison cells to try and stop this from happening. Upon reaching the prison cells there was a lot of commotion as it appears that the giant had somehow gotten out of its chains and was wrecking havoc inside. I attempted to help, but the guards told us that they wanted to make sure that the giant remained alive. Lucan Valerius then appeared behind us as apparently Jiro had attempted to cast a spell on one of the guards. I would've chastised him as well, but Lucan appeared to have handled it. Lucan told us to return to the Hands as he was capable of handling the matter so we did. Scarloc appeared behind us and told us that he was late to trying to meet the hooded lady and was worried that he had failed or upset her. Hopefully she won't try to cause any trouble, at least for her sake. Very uneasily I went to bed, still shook up about the incident as well as the thought that Scarloc and Jiro would try to go behind our backs with such shady individuals. Hopefully I can turn them onto the right path before they attempt to associate with the less reputable members of the town again.

Lucius' Log #8
The Golden Legionnaire

After speaking with the nobles of the town and the rest of the sentinels I proceeded to have a drink at the Serpent and the wolf and had a great conversation with Balgus. Oddly enough Gawain, Scarloc, Matrena, and Valtyra were sitting at a table behind me and I somehow didn't notice them until much later in the night, probably since my head was still fully focused on the prophecy that Valtyra had told me. However, upon noticing them I also saw an armored individual in the corner of the room with the symbol of my Goddess, Iomedae, as well as the sigil of the Golden Legionnaires. I went over to talk with him as his armor was rather splendid and it had been quite some time seeing a fellow worshipper of Iomedae. I told him of my interest in joining the Golden Legionnaires and he seemed willing to see my skills in combat to decide if I was worthy to join. He told me to meet him at the front gate in the morning of the next day to join him on a mission that he was assigned. Of course I met him the next day as the prospect to join such a renowned order was very enticing to me. Arcus and I traveled north in the general direction of Yampfield and Arcus told me about his time as a legionnaire and how he himself joined by picking a fight with some of the legionnaires that entered his town. I also learned the the Knight of the Hawk, the being that helped us and brought Gawain back to life as well as giving us the Morningstar Jewel, was in fact the leader of the order. As we continued traveling we encountered a man that was surrounded by a band of orcs and ogres. The man fought valiantly against such numbers managing to slay one of the ogres as well as one of the  orcs, but was knocked unconscious by the larger Ogre and more trained ogre. Me and Arcus managed to slay the remaining orcs and ogres and I channeled my God's positive energy into the unconscious individual. The man awoke and told me that his name is Percy. Arcus told me to help the man to return to a town so that he could be healed as well as to protect him from other dangers of the road. Arcus on the other hand told me that he was going to continue on his mission, but to seek him out in the area north of Yampfield during the Time of Inheritance. Me and Percy continued back to Dayhill and I questioned why he was out here and what his plans were. He told me that he was searching for a living somewhere and that the band of orcs had a bounty on their heads and he was attempting to claim it. He was a fellow paladin of Iomedae and I thought he could be a great boon to the sentinels as I saw great promise in his skills. I requested that he joined me and the other members of the Sentinels of the Blazing sun as my cohort. He graciously accepted swearing to serve me. We continued our journey back to Dayhill with idle chatter and my hope for a bright future.


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