Chronicles of Marhalla

Scarlocs secrets 5
The Depths of Thostrund

<meta />We had won the blood bowl and proved ourselves to thortona of the kneecappers. SHe finally agreed to allow us to help her group to kill the hill giant for a mission. As we were preparing for the mission thoric had told me that I had received a letter. He didn't see who dropped it off but it just said to meet him behind the spider's den. I guess i will look into this at a later time. We headed off with the Kneecappers as a large group. The ranger… Gawain I think was his name? He seemed to have an eye on one of the kneecappers members. Matrina, I think that's her name. We didn't even make it 20 steps into the cave before we got ambushed by a couple of weird giant bug looking thing. Matrina and I scouted ahead and silenced a giant scorpion together as our entire team was ambushed again but we managed to  deal with the threat a lot better than last time. Thortona had a couple of hounds with her and unfortunately one of them perished. We went went into another cave and we spotted a giant, again Matrina and I managed to quickly stealth kill it. (so this is what it's like to have another stealthy person on the team, we really need to get another). Unfortunately for us though, there were more giants, but thanks to Jiro’s quick thinking he managed to oil the corridor the giants were coming through and stall them as we took them out one by one. I did end up having a reunion with one of the giants that knocked me out just before I was saved by Thoric. Unfortunately Matrina had a slaying arrow which dealt the final blow instead of me, so much for revenge. (Hope I get to deal the final blow for the revenge of my entire family.) We finally found the Hill giant, and was this thing huge, not as tall as the trees I grew up climbing but dam was this thing gonna take a lot to knock down. We decided to lay an ambush for the giant and once sprung things went pretty well. Our cockyness got us in trouble, another one of Thortonas hounds had died. Marnay (I think that’s her name) was grabbed by the giant and well in a blink of an eye Phethian the mage was in her place. He was killed by the giant. That's the first death of someone I saw, I was angry, memories of my family came back into my mind. My murderous rage was returning and all I saw was red, red as dark as blood. I wanted to end this things life with my own hands. I went in with blind rage which was not a good idea. My mind was clouded and next thing I knew I was getting thrown or something was thrown at me i think it was the paladin but I can’t remember for sure. I think I blacked out for a second when I hit the wall. I saw the paladin almost dead and wasn't gonna watch another die. I slid my potion to the paladin and he got up and went in. After that I was thinking a bit more and decided to just shoot it with arrows instead of just going in and dying. After killing the giant the kneecappers took phethian and somehow teleported out of the cave leaving our group on their own. As we were leaving a wall of fire was blocking our route. We decided to go looking for another exit and found a den of spiders. Our ranger friend could talk to… spiders? I think? I don't even know what happened. We ended up finding a mage they were guarding who was the one that sent me the letter. This mage named Opash told us that we angered some people and long boring prophecy blah blah, this sorta thing suits the paladin more than me. He summoned some creatures that we tried fighting but gawain died and i was knocked out and the paladin finally blew the horn and someone named hawk saved us , somehow resurrected gawai, took me out of my unconscious state and then once again blah blah prophecy blah blah magic stone blah blah once again not my thing I just go where the money goes. OH also the revenge for my family.

Lucius' Log #13
The Search for the poisoners

Starting the day with the task set out in front of us in order to find the group that is poisoning members of the clergy and populace. I had no clue where we needed to begin our search for the group as I had never done any investigatory work. My skill set didn't include this cloak and dagger style of work so I would have to rely on the others for the most part to find any clues. At the beginning of the day we went to the City Square as we were informed that one of my mentors, Father Osbad, was the most recent target of these assassinations as they seemed to be. The five of us continued through the gate as we passed through thanks to one of the guards being a man I knew from my youth named Joric. Luckily enough he remembered me and allowed us through the gate. Before we entered he asked me about Domitius. It took me by surprise, the events of the past few months had so captured my attention I almost had forgotten about what happened so many years ago even as we entered the gates that I had lived in for the majority of my life. I stood there stunned for a second as the memories returned and the only thing I could respond to him was to say it was a story for a later time. We continued through the gates trying to put our current task at the forefront of my mind. The first thing we wanted to address was talking to Kaine Blackfoot and get his input on some of the things we had encountered. I had nothing to talk to him about, but I'm sure that I was probably the only person that could get us through the first gate. We talked to the palace guards and told them that we were friends of the court mage and they sent a page to go see if our story was true. The page came back to allow us into the palace. We continued through the palace, somewhere even I had yet to have been to, and met Prince Vilkas, son to Kind Alduic. For some reason he wanted to lead us to Kaine's room which all of us thought was fairly strange. We walk into Kaine's room and we all greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries. The others had some questions they wanted to ask of Kaine including some stuff for Gawain about his rangers and Jiro about the books that we had. As we exited the prince apparently had been eavesdropping on our conversation and knew of some sort of mind reader who deals with memories. We deliberated and had Jiro accompany Gawain to the mind reader whilst Scarloc, Percy and I continued to the temple of light to see if I was able to talk to my former mentor Osbad.

As we entered the temple there was a man in the pulpit giving a sermon. We remained in the back of the temple listening and waiting for the sermon to end. The man giving the sermon noticed us and walked to the back in order to greet us. The man's name was Father Armias and was the brother to Domitius. Luckily for me he didn't wish to inquire about what I knew about that as we managed to quickly address the poisoning of father Osbad. He took us back to where he was being treated and told us that there wasn't much they could do to heal him as whatever poison afflicted him was intensely strong and beyond even his healing powers. There wasn't much that Father Armias could tell us about the poisonings as they were in the dark about the situation as much as we are. I asked him to contact us with any information that he might receive and to send it to the Hands of Heironus guild hall. We left the temple and the city square and agreed to meet the other members after they had finished dealing with the psychic and Gawain's memories I believe. We met up and handled a few other things before heading to the Hard Stop Inn.

We arrived at the Inn and Scarloc and Gawain decided to talk to the bartender's while Jiro, Percy, and I decided to take a table elsewhere to see if there were any interesting people that we might be able to spot. We encountered an interesting person who began to talk to us. Both Jiro and I truly had no idea how to segue into talking about the poisoning so we pretty much just came right out and asked her if she knew anything. It appeared that she didn't and simply told us that she would be staying in the Brass Arrow tavern. I felt as though we weren't going to get much out of her. She left us and as we were preparing to leave Scarloc came and talked to us about an encounter with someone from his past. Gawain and Scarloc told us about what they figured out from the bartender which wasn't much and we told them that we truly didn't learn much of anything. Last thing we decided to try was talking to those in the Broken Blade Inn. We asked the barmaid what she knew of the poisonings and the only important information we managed to glean from her was that there were no poisonings that happened in the Western district. We then returned to the Velvet Daggers headquarters and told them of our findings which were meager at best. Hopefully we could find more usable information the next day.

Lucius' Log #12
Return to Yampfield

After slaying the dracolisk and leaving its cave we went on to Yampfield. The city wasn't too far away and we would be able to get there by the next day. As we approached the gates I realized that I was returning home, where I grew up, and where I left to seek atonement and become a paladin. Scarloc wished to be stealthy whilst entering the city, I think he drank some potion he got from a dungeon with some undesirable side effects that he wanted to get rid of before walking around the city. Me and Gawain on the other hand continued to the Hands of Heironus in order to complete the quest and retrieve our reward. We were introduced to some of the other members of the Yampfield branch of the Hands such as Maven, who was the leader, Duncan, Xaric, and Selsani. As we got ready to leave I noticed Percy with his jaw down staring at Selsani. He told me he found he attractive, I'll have to make sure he gathers the courage to do something about it. We left and both Gawain and I needed to grab some items to purchase. I needed to get a stone to help with my abilities to recall things from memory as it had always been a problem for me. Gawain wanted to check out the smithy in the Bridges. He inspected some of their wares, but ultimately just ended up purchasing a safe that we could store our items in safely at the Hands. Lastly Gawain wanted to see the headquarters of his company of men that he says he commanded. Upon arriving at the Ranger's Lodge the man who gave assignments to the various ranger groups didn't seem to recognize either Gawain or Percy. Gawain began asking about the dragoons, but the man, whose name is Sarconis, didn't wish to divulge information about any of the members. I began to have my doubts about Gawain and his past and that he was either lying about it or somehow his memory had been altered. I didn't want to think that the man who had now been with me on several perilous missions and threw his life on the line in those caves would lie about something that could easily be verified, so there was more than likely something more going on here that we would need to find out about. These problems would have to be figured out at another time as we were supposed to find the headquarters of some mysterious guild in the city of Yampfield.

We met up with Scarloc and Jiro and me and Gawain ended up going to Jiro's House to rest up for the next day. Jiro wanted to show Scarloc around town as Scarloc had never been in Yampfield before. Gawain and I went to the house and as we were getting ready to go to sleep and Scarloc had returned as well Jiro came bursting back into the house and started yelling at us that we needed to follow him as there was something very important. We asked him what it was, but for whatever it was he didn't want to tell us what the problem was. He got us onto the back of his horse and Galahad as well as hasting all of us and we flew through town to the Western district. We ended up going to one of the, well I consider it the temple to the Goddess of pleasure, but many others take the meaning of temple to mean other things, but that is how the goddess wishes to be worshipped so its no particular issue for me entering such an establishment. We went up the stairs to a room and then waited there for a short duration before a woman entered. She said that her name was Dove, or at least the was her code name and said she was the member of the velvet dagger, the guild that we were supposed to seek out. Apparently Jiro had found it on the first night, later it seemed as though that was not his intention and that he actually intended to partake in the temple's 'worship' services. Nevertheless we had found the guild and then another man entered the room. Man may not be the correct word as he seemed to be one of those tieflings I believe they are called. Looked like the combination of a man, dragon, and demon. He told us that there was a group of people who were going around town poisoning civilians and members of the clergy and trying make it seems as though it is a disease that is spreading across town. Hawk, the code name of the white dragon/demon man wanted us to figure who was doing it and put it to a stop. With that we were allowed to ask Fox about some information of our desire. I asked about the man who trained me whom I had presumed was dead, and she claimed that he was alive and well somewhat nearby. This was an interesting development for me and I would have to see what I could find out about it in the future. They allowed us to stay in rooms at the velvet dagger. Seeing as it would be more comfortable than staying at Jiro's house we agreed to do so. We went to bed with a fairly important tasked ahead of us the next day as they were killing members of my order. They must be stopped.

Scarloc's Secrets 4
Blood Bowl

Returning from our quest, we saw a dwarf woman arguing with Thoric, we asked what it was about. Thoric informed us that she was Thortona of the Kordar Kneecappers, another group belonging to the Hands. They were arguing about a certain mission regarding the take down of a hill giant. I was informed that the Kneecappers were a giant slaying specialty group so why was Thoric not letting them take it? With further talk we found out that only with the help of another team would he allow them to take the mission. Thortona agreed but only if we passed the first round of the blood bowl. The blood bowl… one of the worst things ever for me to take part in. Its like telling a fish to climb a tree. Not to that extent though. Im not a brawler or a straight up fighter. An arena in the middle of the day, im useless im more of the sneak around stab stab type of person. Well we needed the money. First round I did nothing and it was a little fuzzy , still cant remember exactly what happened but at least the ranger and Paladin were able to carry us through the first round. The fox and I were there merely to distract one monk while the other two dispatched the other monk. Well the 2nd round came about and we had to fight the Kordar Kneecappers. This would have really showed our strength (plus I really wanted the money  for the contract). The fight went well I didn't really do anything except break the string of my bow. The fox though, his balls of snow did wonders and practically won us the fight. Well except their last member , Matrina decided to forfeit the match,. We ended up fighting this Master Korimoto. He was easily stronger than us and all we had to do was strike him once and we would get the prize at the end. Surprisingly one of us hit him once, and he asked us for a 2nd go at him for an even bigger prize. Well long story short we got it, but barely. We got our prize money and a … horn? Well he did say it has one use and it is a special horn that will save our lives.

<meta />

Scarloc's secrets 3
The Crossroad Caverns

By this time we had ended up a group called the sentinels of the blazing sun. Well might as well start making friends and finding a home since there is none to go to now. We met the true leader of the guild. A dark dragon named Gobi, and another halfling. (He had the same armor as me and seemed pretty cool.) We had a little sharing of stories and the Jiro fellow is kitsune fox man thing kinda strange. We had another mission, it was an assassination contract to kill an orc warchief. Well we got there and I decided to scout ahead, I had thought the group would be a little closer than what they were. But they stayed all the way in the back of the cave and I had let my guard down and ended up getting caught and ambushed by many goblins and a few orcs. We managed to get through that safely some of us hurt and exhausted. Then  comes the warchief, who wanted to fight “fairly” this isn't some sort of ritual to become leader, this is an assassination. No 1 on 1’’s. Well Mr. couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat decided to take his challenge. What is he insane? Well I hid a bit making my presence unknown, waiting for a time to strike. Mr. Paladin actually hit the guy, though granted he was a big target so it was kinda hard to miss him up close. The fight was taking a turn for the worse, and the kitsune had the same idea as me and pelted the big guy with a … snowball? Well whatever he did looked like he hurt the thing pretty bad. I let loose an arrow in just the perfect spot tearing through his chest and ripping out his heart. Killing this one… didn't make me feel good, it looks like I still have a moral compass outside of my revenge. Something unexpected though, when the goblins surrendered the Paladin killed him… something isn't right with him. You don’t kill unarm-… well I shouldn't be one to talk. There was one last orc in the cave, a spell caster who ended up marking us with a weird purple mark. We returned with the head in the bag to claim our reward.

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Scarloc's secrets 2
Cravens Cove

Finally, after months of searching , my first lead as to what had killed my tribe has come about. I have 3 others with me, they don't know and I doubt I should tell them. Who knows maybe in the end I'll have to kill them… no no that's going down a path you don't want to head down. Anyway I'll just have these guys be a potential asset in my endeavors. We finally reached the destination, the place that might just end my search for revenge… though if only it were that easy. Inside the cave we encountered some traps, we encountered some dark elves also, our first confrontation. I killed all three watched as our their heads rolled. Oh did it feel so good, killing those that wronged me. The one with full armor was completely useless though couldn't hit anything. Was this his first outing? He looked liked he had a lot more experience… huh appearances can be deceiving. Along the way with killing some more dark elves, everybody seemed to forget I was there half the time. It's like they have never seen someone stealth before. We met an injured halfling later and wow was she an incredible fighting machine. (note to self dont piss her off) towards the end we got locked in a room with a mysterious figure. He… he knew my name.(oddly enough he couldn't see me… nor could the people traveling with me.. What the fuck guys). I looked around the room, my masks… my tribes masks… what were they doing on the walls. The shade…. That he summoned… another of my tribe mates. What was going on who was this black shadow figure? We managed to kill everything, destroyed the masks, and laid to rest my tribe mate.

<meta />

As the dark figure escaped, I had realized my journey for revenge had just begun.

Things The Sentinels Need to Fucking do
Seriously guys, Fuck
  • Something something Morningstar Jewel DONE?

    • Found 1/4 Knights of Tempus DID THAT
  • Find Jiro's parents. DONE
  • Restore Gawain's Memory DONE? LOL NOPE
  • Find Gawain's Father DONE
  • Find Scarloc's Fiance.  UH?
  • Get a Keep. GUESS WHAT PLAYA
  • Find Lucius's Dad. We don't talk about that
  • Save the Fucking World
Ranger Record's 12
The Undead Siege

We then stepped into what I thought was Dayhill. I was however greeted not with the familiar smell of Dayhill, but rather of the forest. It did not take long to figure out that we were three days ride from Dayhill. I was determined to come to the aid of not only Dayhill but of Matrena. I lost a beloved once, never again. We decided to press forward towards the town, with me in the lead. I stopped a nearby patrol of guards, and asked about any information about the area. The only thing we were told was that a large amount of Dorwain solders were moving towards Dayhill. This was bad news, if the military decided to send troops, things must be dire. With my motivation reinvigorated we pressed forward. It was the next day that we learned the truth. We encountered a band leaving Dayhill, which was lead by Tennoculus. We pulled him aside to inquire what had happened. Turns out an army of undead had begun to lay siege to the town. My heart dropped fearing the worst for Matrena. It was then that I saw the filth of Samson Smallwood. He had fled the town while others stayed behind and defend his some called home. He was no noble and deserved the justice i dispatched to his face. It was worth it, and damn the consequences. We decided to press onward promising to defend the town or die trying. When we awoke on the third day I could tell that something had changed. The atmosphere of the forest had changed. The feeling I could describe it as, it was the same feeling I had while training to become a Nature Warden. It was as if the forest itself was alive. I took a minute to affirm my connection to both nature and Galahad. We decided to press on. It was about ten minutes later when Scarloc alerted us that something had been following us. Turns out this something was a Wolf the size of a mountain. The sheer gaze of such a proud and majestic creature brought everyone but me and Scarloc to their knees. After trying to communicate with it it left after I told it, that we meant this forest no harm. The only thing I could think that it was, is a Deity of the forest. Or some kind of protector. Once we left, we continued for another hour to find that the lands had become corrupted, the land itself was dying. This was offense to my Druid nature, and I made a vow to return these lands to the way they were. Scarloc once again alerted to us that this giant wolf was in fact following us. I walked up to it and declared that I would restore these lands. It was then that the creature bent down and offered us to climb on. It's fur was so soft, it felt like what I would imagine clouds t be like. The Great Wolf took a seven hour long journey and turned it into a thirty minute journey. It let us off at the edge of Dayhill, then as wordlessly as it appeared it once again left. It was here that we saw the damage. The outer district of Dayhill had been destroyed. My heart plummeted, how could anyone survive this? Then we spotted in the distance that the defenders were still fighting and the inner walls were still standing. If Matrena was still there she would be there. We decided to sneak past the undead milling about on the outside, and enter through a secret passage. However when we reached the river, we decided that it would be fastest if we ;et the river carry us to the drawbridge in center of town and then have Teto inform the people inside reinforcements were here. This plan went off without a hitch, and I got the first sight of an Ironclad. Massive figures that stood in complete Iron. With them we might be able to hold onto the city. As we entered my first priority was to find Matrena. Thankfully I saw her upon the ramparts. My first thought was how happy I was to see her face again. Even though we were apart for only a couple of weeks, it felt much longer then that. The next emotion was fear. Things were bad out there, hundreds of undead had us surrounded. However I would be damned if I was going to just lay down and die. I have been in a few sieges'. Time to use that experience to our benefit. We then walked into the Hand's headquarters, the building that I called home for a month, had changed so drastically. The cries of the wounded indicating that this was a triage center. I helped Balgus with the wounded. He jumped out of his skin when he saw us. Must of thought that it was over for them. It's good that he laughed, in a siege moral is just as important as weapons and soldiers. The one thing that surprised me was the fact that Folcey had stayed behind. She was no fighter, and could not defend herself, but she still remained behind to protect those civilians. For that she earned my respect. As the others begun to talk about the defense of the town I went out finished tending to the wounded and begun to get ready for the upcoming battle. I knew that the undead needed to be burned to stay dead, and I remembered a little trick I picked up at Aefrin Tower. By putting high concentration alcohol in a bottle with a rag, then lighting that rag on fire one could effectively make a fire bomb. Balgus had black liquor, knowing how strong the stuff is, I knew I could dilute it to make more bigger bombs. In the end I only managed to make two Fire barrels, hopefully two was all we would need. Lucius then came out and informed me, that I would command the archers. It's been so long since I last commanded men in the field. I even lost my Dragoon's am I even worthy to command them? It did not matter my experience made me the best fit, so I agreed. I then spent a couple minutes rallying the men, and telling them their target priority plus setting them up in positions. I then spent the rest of the time with Matrena. If I was to fall I wanted it to be fighting next to the one I love. I was just simply appreciating the time I had gotten with my comrades. If I were to die I hope the others would survive. Lucius, Scarloc, Jiro, Matrena, and Percival. They are my true family, and I would do whatever it took to make sure we all made it through this, or atleast they did. Then the corpses started moving, and I knew the time had come. The battle of Dayhill had commenced. As we archers rained down arrows upon the foe, Lucius plus Percival went onto the bridge with some town gaurd and the Iron clad. For awhile we begun to make a dent into their lines, Harvy, the new member showed off his contraption. With a loud boom, he shot a ghost and slew it in one blow. I need to get my hands on that the next chance I get, such a weapon can prove extremely effective. For awhile I though we were going to hold. Then the undead threw a curve ball. A lich was leading the undead, and decided to call for some help. A massive undead creature came out of nowhere, easily bigger then the giant we had killed in the cave. However we had the Iron Clad, and they were nearly as big as them. That was my mistake, this creature easily picked them up and chucked them into the river. If we lost the bridge we lost the front. I saw Lucius and Thoric fill the gap where an Iron Clad use to be. It was then when I saw the creature open his foul mouth and spewed forth a cursed acid. The poor Town's Guard melted upon contact, Luckily Thoric, Lucius, and Percival managed to stand up. I could tell however that Lucius was hurt. BAD. He needed to get out of there, but before I could call him back into the town, the lich shot somekind of magic which forced Lucius and Thoric off of the bridge. Did I just watch two of my friends perish? No they are strong, I must have faith that they will resurface until then I will continue targeting the bemoth. However by this time all the Iron Clad had been cast aside and only Percy stood on the bridge to face such a creature. Percy, was no fighter but had been hit by the creature's acid was clearly in pain. His sense of duty always was unshakable, a trait which admirable, gives me no end of worry for the man. It was then that the creature struck him with a fetid claw. I thought Percy fell, however he got back up. He ditched he shield and assumed a stance, which I remember clearly. It is a stance that I taught him, when I trained him to be a Ranger like me. Then in a flurry of motions he hamstringed the creature. He then looked up to me and said that his name was Percival. At long last my friend has come back to me, the irony was not lost that at one of our darkest hours such a joyous thing occurred for me. The joy was short lived, as the abomination swing a Percival flinging him into the water. The joy was replaced by panic, then a cool, calm angry. For such transgressions his creature will burn in eternity. Scarloc then mounted the creature trying to stab as he too was flung away. At this time I ordered Lucan to teleport all of the fighters that he could see outside into the keep. I ordered every soldier off the wall, I was prepared to detonate the explosive barrels, but I must buy time for the soldiers to get off the wall. This was also when Lucan teleported Balgus to the Lich. However after killing the Lich's horse, it opened a portal and sent Balgus what I assumed was far away. It was fine Balgus was alive just not in the fight. As Marney began to heal the injured, I felt a cold touch envelope me. As I looked out towards the forest I saw a black fog emanating out. This was unnatural. What followed after the fog however is what will truly scare me. Out of the fog emerged a massive figure, clad in all black armor, wielding a massive sword. He calmly walked towards the walls. Whatever, whoever this was, it was bad, something far beyond what we could fight and kill. I then ordered Lucius to use the horn. Lucan also saw this creature, and as soon as he did he fled. The coward, if such a powerful creature did emerge its best to fight it knowing your own death. As I joined the others at the battle line, the hulking abomination walked through the door I prepared to take my shot. Matrena, switched bows with me, since hers was imbued with fire. Knowing that Matrena was watching I focused as hard as I could aiming for my target. As soon as it walked in I released the arrow. It hit. After a few second I began to think I messed up the combination, and that's when a huge explosion occurred. The creature was engulfed in flames, and then thankfully it fell. Now only one Lich and one immeasurably powerful creature to go. However that is when I heard it. The horn, the note tore through the air. It was the sound of hope, then in the same direction as this Black knight, emerged the Giant Wolf that helped us earlier. However by the time it came to rest between us, and the Black Knight it had assumed the form of a humanoid. It turned out this lady was Tessera Therandwell. A Knight of Tempest. This Black Knight turned out to be Azoth. He was the servant of the God of Undeath. He seeked to punish those who would defile his masters shrine. Should of known better then to strike a deal with the literal God of betrayal. The Knight managed to convince him to leave us be, but not before vowing should we ever enter the shrine of the one he serves, we will die. He departed taking the Lich with him. Suddenly the Sun broke through the clouds and illuminated Dayhill. What was left, was dead bodies, broken wood, crumbled stone. Still somehow Dayhill stood. My first thought was Matrena, I ran and embraced her. The second thought was of Galahad, she may not of fraught much, but carried people to and fro to be where they needed. The third was my companions. they all made it!  however it appears that Percival only comes out when Percy is near death. The deaths of the men under men, however came back and I surveyed the damage. We had lost almost all the of towns guard, and only a handful of Dorwain Soldiers remained. However after looking I could not find Balgus. As it turns out, the Lich sent  Balgus to Hell. Literal Hell. It was then that we learned that both Thoric, and Balgus were the son's of the dwarf king. We all decided that we would go and save his hairy ass. The townsfolk begun to crowd around the Knight of Tempest. Taking this as my cue, I took Matrena by the hand, and lead her to the nearest house. The next morning I invited Matrena to go scouting around Dayhill with me, we rode on the back of Galahad we surveyed the land. For the most part the Knight of Tempest managed to restore the lands, but it would still take some time for it to fully heal. It was then that we met not only Valtyra but a company of Dorwain soldiers lead by Sir Bryant Septus. They had been dispatched to reinforce Dayhill. Knowing that Dayhill would be in good hands I felt safe to leave. I decided to go with both Lucius and Percy to Yampfield. I have a feeling that the psychic Vidora knew more then what she was letting on.  I also wanted to train under Hawk in how to handle and deal with poisons. Lucan agreed to send all of us through a portal directly there. So a I spent the last couple hours with my love. She also gave me a lock of hair to remember her by. Not knowing what this meant I discreetly asked Thoric, and to dwarves it a pretty big deal. With no dire business to attend to, I accompanied  Lucius and Percy, as we  went back to Lucan, and as soon as he opened the portal, we all stepped through to return to Yampfield.

Gawain Dragoon

Ranger'Station Record 11
The Posion Lodge

Lucius' contact inside the city square, a father, something I can't remember some clergyman. Sent a letter that he saw a vision of the future. Apparently this vision showed King Aldwick being assassinatedone. He also gave Lucius aneeded idea on how to gain my Intel on this assassination. He had to go to the God of betrayl's shrine and seek guidance. We agreed to accompany him to this dread shrine. Once we left the main religious area the atmosphere changed, it went from happy and pious to cold and somber. We eventually made our wayou to this shrine. Upon entering I was greeted with a sense that I've grown aware to at this point. The sense of being watched. The sense that someone or something was always behind me. I got use to this feeling during my time in the beast Plains, and a border skirmisher. Lucius prayed to the God and he actually materialized right in front of us. He informed us that for information we had to remove two unwelcome guests in a different shrine. We went to this shrine and slew two ghosts, who tried to fear us, but the indomitable pose both Lucius and Percy struck invigorated all of us to fight fearlessly. Another note Galahad was unable to harm them. I must progress further in the drudic arts to properly be an good bonded companion to her. After we slew these damn undead, we returned, and we're informed that the plot would carry out tomorrow during the kings speech. We left and reported back in with Hawk we then went to bed, nervous for the next day. I was fine with saving the keen but I dislike having the nobility especially eyes on me. We awoke the next day and as we set off I was greeted with a familiar Dire Eagle. I was needed at the green watchers. I took Scarloc with me, as I needed a friend there if I was to meet my men again. Plus he had been there before. As we walked in, I thought I was prepared to meet my men. I was wrong. Upon seeing their smiling faces I nearly ran over to tell them the new stories I had gotten. I however reminded myself that they would not remember me. So I swallowed my sadness and greet my old comrades as strangers. What was strange a few members were missing, when I tried to find out where they were; I was informed that only two members were gone. Mordrid who Jiro scryed for me I learned was near the bandit capital Rax, and Bedivere. Her name brought back painful memories, and that bleek day raced across my mind. It seemed though that they either did want to share or did not know. Before we left they invited me to go on an expedition with them to prove my skills. I agreed, and was told that we would leave in a week's time. We then joined the others at the square. As we entered we saw that the entire noble class was here and the crowd was enormous. We did however spot a man with two axes who I sensed had posion on him. I told Lucius and Percy to restrain him while Scarloc Jiro and I looked for anything suspicious. We were too late however. A commotion in the front then running people informed us that we had failed. However I soon learned that it was not the king but Cain the court wizard had been poisoned.  We quickly escorted him to the temple for healing. We found a dart had poisoned him. I was unable to determine the posion however. We left and reported back to Hawk. He manged to identify the posion as the kiss of death. A very powerful and rare posion. It was then Teto flew in and informed us axe man was at the broken blade. Lucius also informed us that he knew the people who had done this. We then made our way to the Blade. Axe man was there as well as a women with red hair. I was not paying attention to the conversation more focused on getting ready for a fight. Eventually their leader came out, to me she was just another quarry for me to kill. However as we were leaving both Lucius and Scarloc left. As Jiro was walking out the door he realized too late that this whole thing was a setup. Axe man charged jiro as a fight started. Jiro summoned tentacles which entrapped the leader and the red haired maiden. This left me to pick them off. However to my dismay a fourth one popped out of the Shadow and hit me with a blow dart. I could feel the posion coursing through my veins, But angry surged through me. I would now allow the type of people I've hunted down and butchered for years best me. Percy and Jiro manged to kill Axe man however it was then that the cowards fled through a dimensional door. The rogue then ran out the back door. As we were getting ready to leave Dove appeared with the caltered rogue. We then transported her back to the Velvet Dagger to interrogate her. I came across three vials coated in posion as well as a pouch full of darts. Jiro and I came to the same conclusion posion her and force the information out. However not realizing the posion cod absorbed through the skin. As Jiro touched the dart he succumbed to the posion. As this happened I shoved the rogue to the ground to ensure she would try anything. However as I pinned her down Jiro with his last breath cast a snowball at her. I was sure that she was dead, he had crushed her sternum. She was tough however and hung on by a thread. I cast magic to stabilize her as Lucius healed her a little. Jiro was a fool. Never kill your prisoner while they as useful especially if they can save your life. Lucius and Percy took Jiro to the temple for healing. It was then me and Scarloc got to work. I would torture her as Scarloc would try to get information out of her. I had gotten use to the screams of people. My name on the border showed me that as evil as torture it is. That the information gained can save dozens even hundreds of lives. However realizing I could not continue without killing her we stepped out. In the span of the minute we left she escaped through a dimensional door. She did leaving a note saying which vial was an anditode.  And saying that the Posion Lodge would get revenge. We rushed to the temple and first gave the posion to Caein. Before I gave it to Jiro I made sure he actually wanted to live. He was a good friend but I would not tie him to this mortal realm if he did not want to. After that Hawk said our last trial was to find the leader of the Velvet Dagger. We split up and before going to sleep I checked in with our two paladins. They had witnessed the torture and I wanted to check in. Percy was disappointed in me. We were close friends once, but still it hurt. I almost told him that the Percival I knew had once tortured someone. He did however regret the action deeply. Lucius disapproved but understood why I did it. We then explained to Percy why we fought. We pulled out the sacred artifact to find the emerald was shining. We had apparently meet a knight of the tempest! We must find out who it was and meet them if we are to save this world. As we went to bed I found myself thinking about the women I tortured. I feel a small tinge of something. Shame? Regret? I do not know, but I must push these emotions aside. For my comrades I would do almost anything. And for those I loved I would do anything. The next day as we were eating Scarloc's fiance appeared. I was happy thinking Scarloc would get time with his beloved. However she instead gave us a grave warning.

Dayhill was in trouble. My thoughts raced back to Matrena. I'very lost too many people close to me. I refuse to lose another. Especially someone like Matrena. As we heeded to the Hands. We were stopped by Dove who was the Daggers Leader. We all joined. We also got brands on our arms to mark us belonging. I joined for more information on Mordrid I must find him no matter what. We then walked into the Hands and we're told that there was a magic circle leading to Dayhill. We all stepped in and next thing I knew we were in Dayhill. Time to figure how to save the town.

Lucius' Log #11
Finishing the Kobolds

We took a moment to gather ourselves and figure out how we would progress. We pushed deeper into the cave and soon Scarloc stopped us as he had spotted one of the traps that they had setup. We stood there thinking of how we would figure out how to get passed it without triggering it when Scarloc saw that there was a line to manually trigger the trap. Gawain then found the tracks of the trapper Kobold that controlled the trap. The kobold attempted to shoot an arrow at Gawain, but their craftsmanship proved to be very poor as his bow string snapped as he tried to loose his arrow. Gawain tried to fire back, but the slippery kobold manage to dodge out of the way. I then rushed the kobold and wrestled it to the ground. We interrogated him and eventually worked out a way to have him let us pass the trap without any issues as long as we let him go. Jiro then proceeded to make us all invisible and we followed the kobold past the warrior kobolds on the other side of the trap. He took us to where there was an exit to the cave. He proceeded to exit the cave and we turned around to finish what we had started.

One of the mounted kobold seemed to have heard the sounds we made and headed over in our direction. We pressed up against the wall and when he was in range I struck out with my weapon. After I landed my initial blows to the basilisk that the kobold was mounted on me and Percy turned to deal with the other kobolds that were in the cave. Me and Percy continued to hold the line while Gawain, Scarloc, and Jiro dealt with the mounted kobold and the basilisk that he was riding. Percy and I slew two of the three warriors and the other fled. The other three managed to kill the basilisk and then the mounted kobold shortly after. We then took a moment to ourselves realizing the danger that lies ahead of us but went forward nonetheless. Jiro's familiar Teto went forward to scout what lied between us and our quarry. He spotted a pack of kobolds and another of the mounted kobold on the back of a basilisk. We decided that Jiro and Teto would blast the enemy with two fireballs and then the rest of us would follow up and clean up the rest. Teto after blasting his fireball was turned to stone again, but he had done his part by blasting apart their forces and we still had some kobold blood left so we could turn him back easy enough. I rushed forward and spotted the basilisk and his kobold rider, but in the gloom further back I spotted what appeared to be a kobold magic user. Believing in my comrades ability to take down the mounted kobold and his basilisk I decided to charge to kobold mage. I run up to him and swept him off his feet using the versatility of my halberd. On the ground I tied him up to be questioned after we defeated the mounted kobold. Shortly after tying him up the rest of the group took down the mounted kobold. We questioned the kobold about what lied ahead and he firmly believed that his 'god' would manage to defeat us. He didn't manage to cough up any information and wished to die by the hands of our quarry, but Scarloc and jiro didn't wish to give him that 'pleasure.'  Before I could protest Scarloc manage to slit his throat. Gawain started to protest and didn't believe that we had the ability to take down the target. Percy and I both tried to say that not only were we powerful enough, but it was our job to take down the beast before it could get any stronger. If it weren't us who would take the beast down who would do it? We managed to convince him to come along with us and we stepped into the beast's lair.

The Lair was putrid and smelled vile. Along the path there were several kobolds that had been turned to stone. It appeared that the beast had the same abilities as the basilisk, but was probably much stronger and would be tougher to take down. The dracolisk seemed to be aware of our presence as it spoke out as soon as we got into the cave. We continued forward and ahead of us I saw a pool of vile green liquid that was probably what the beast excreted in order to consume its prey. As I rounded the corner I came face to face with a massive beast that looked like the unholy combination of a dragon and a basilisk. I looked at it and it looked back at me with a hunger in its eyes. It attempted to stare deep past my eyes into my very being and turn me to stone. However my resolve was far too strong to be affected by such a paltry attempt and stopped the effects before they could do anything. It then spewed acid upon me, which although very painful couldn't stop me as I charged forward in attempt to bring down this monstrous creation. My first strike at the beast proved to be fruitless as his hid was too thick for me to penetrate with such a rushed strike. I would have to calm my emotions and strike with clarity in order to harm this creature. The others ran up and began striking it with their ranged weapons occasionally hitting chinks in the armor and harming the creature. I then attacked the beast with two strikes. In my anger and frustration with my first attempt, my halberd glanced off of the creatures scales to no effect. Realizing that brute strength alone would get me nowhere I took a second on my second attack to strike my halberd in a way that would most harm this creature, right in its eye. I brought my halberd back and took the spear portion of it and jammed it straight into the creatures eye. It pierced far into the creatures skull harming it dearly. My comrades continued to barrage the creature with a flurry of blows as the creature responded with another blast of acid coating everyone, except for Percy who was on the creature's flank, with a deluge of acid. I knew I couldn't take much more punishment, but neither could the creature. I struck out with a series of blows in desperation missing two of them in my rush to try and take down the beast. I managed to make one last chop at its neck slicing off its head almost entirely finally bringing the creature down. We stood there in awe of our accomplishment as well as harvesting many of the creatures scales and body parts. During the fight it apparently spoke out and asked why Gawain, who the creature claimed is the son of the former baron of Yampfield, was here. We were confused about the situation, but so was he. We were all very tired after the long battle against the kobolds and the dracolisk, however, and we all wished to return to the surface and get to Yampfield.

As we left, there were several kobolds outside as well as an angry Galahad attempting to bark at them, but seemed to have been silenced by some means. The kobolds then began to chant something that made it seemed as though they were woshipping us as gods. Then I realized the chant was not at all of us, but mainly directed at Gawain. I believe there to be some form of dragon lineage in his blood to make the kobolds worship them as they do. This combined with his resistance to the acid the was sprayed over us leads me to believe there is much more to Gawain than I first expected. We then made our way out of the cave above ground and started to make our way to Yampfield. I was filled with equal parts joy and dread to return to my hometown. I wished to see my friends from my youth again, but feared to see if they knew what had happened that night many years ago.


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