Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius' Logs #20
The Slums of Rax

After dispatching Grutnak the fast and heading off in an attempt to catch Percy before he entered the city of Rax leaving Maven, Xaric, and Duncan to deal with the remaining orcs of Grutnak's party. We pressed on as long as we could but knew should we encounter those who took Percy we wouldn't be able to take them on without rest. Knowing fully this probably meant Percy would be taken into Rax and that we would need to find him somehow in the city we took our rest before entering Rax the next day. We made our way to the city of scum and I waited to see if the rumors of the city were true.

After wading through throngs of people making their way to Rax we began to wade through something far more foul, blood and fecal matter covered the streets as well as probably a lot more. The people, poor and desperate, looked scrawny and unfed. Within a short period of being in the city Gawain caught a man attempting to steal from us. We found out that Scarloc, Jiro, and I had also been stolen from and the man said that he knew who probably had stolen from us. He claimed that it was probably at the hands of the welps and that he was trying to join them and knew where they meet up. He brought us to a cabin on the outskirts of the city and we had Scarloc go and attempt to retrieve our items for us. He managed to enter the small shack without an issue it appeared, but as he was in there he seemed to set of some kind of alarm. He managed to get back to us without being spotted even though they were on high alert. It was at that time we realize that we had been set up by Felton. He surrounded us with a group of Welps and started saying how the Welps only steal from those who don't need their items, but he thought that we actually are in need of our items. We were free to roam the city without being bothered by the welps and that Scarloc should contact them as he had impressed them with his skills, he even snuck up on Felton whilst we were all surrounded. They gave us all of our stuff back and siad we were free to go.

Deciding that it was time to see if we could make any progress on the poisoned lodge or Percy we made our way to one of the local bars that the locals frquent called The Slaver's Stint. There we met a woman by the name of Ratbag who ran the bar and oddly enough was blind. We got some information from her and it sounded as though there was going to be something happening at one of the local wells. We thanked her for the information and made our way to the well to try and scout it out. We arrived at the well, but the day was starting to get late. We looked around the well for a brief period of time before deciding to go to a tavern.

One of the local taverns that was more well-to-do than the others was on the northern end of the city by the name of the Copper Goblet. The bartender of the Copper Goblet went by the name of Siege and seemed friendly enough. We paid for rooms and had a small meal before I recieved a message that was simply signed T. The message said that Jiro was going down a dark path and that there should he continue there would be no coming back. I immediately stormed off to go confront him about the situation as I believed that it probably had something to do with the amulet that he got from Ipkesh. I barged into his room and asked about what was going on. eventually he caved and told us of the deal that he had made with Garshok in return for power. I began beratin him on how foolish he was for trading his eternal soul simply for strength during his mortal life. He began to lash out in defense at me for informing him about his stupid decision of getting in a contract with a devil and we had a brief argument on the matter. I told him that I would need to think about the situation and we would talk more in the morning. I went to my room with Gawain and we both prayed to our respective deities for guidance in this matter. From the heavens came and Astral Dive by the name Marcus who assured us that they would watch over us and assist us in this dire circumstance, but we must stick with Jiro during these trying times and save him from the decisions that he had made. We agreed to this and I knew that he was needed to help us both find Percy and to dispatch the poisoned lodge. With this new knowledge Gawain and I found rest in our beds.

However, this rest was short lived as in the middle of the night I awoke to not the sound of crashing and banging, but to the sound of eerie silence. I got up and walked to the door so I could step outside and see what the problem was, but when I attempted to turn the handle I found it locked. I immediately woke Gawain up and told him about the situation. He went to the door and deftly unlocked it as we attempt to rouse the others. We eventually got everyone up and went to the front door. Scarloc immediately ran outside and our of sight. It turned out that a massive wall of water was approaching and that we needed to get out as fast as possible. Jiro dimension Doored us to the top of the tavern to see if there was another way to escape the situation. We all braced ourselves for the inevitable crashing of water against the tavern, but Scarloc had yet to scale the building yet. I went over to attempt to help him, but to no abail. He was swept up into the current along with Jiro. Gawain and I remained on the roof attempting to hold on, but his grasped slipped and he was washed away as well. I continued holding on not sure of what to do as I was still in my armor and swimming would mean certain death. I went to the edge to see if I could assist anyone back onto the tavern roof, but the current swept them away far too quickly. Luckily from the stone buttresses around the bottom of the tree what appeared to be a man leaped out into the middle of the water and picked up Scarloc and Jiro. He jumped back and then went back out to save Gawain. Jiro summoned a spectral steed and rode out to me and I climbed onto the back of his horse. He brought us back while the man, who I found out was a brother of iron jumped back with Gawain and we were all safely on the stone battlement. We thanked him for his help and he told us that his name was Mavus. He took his leave shortly and we decided to simply rest there for the rest of the night while I took watch using Iomedae's power to remain awake to watch over the group.

Once morning arrived we were ushered off of the stone structure by the platinum legion so we made out way back down into the slums of the area. Not knowing what else to do we made our way to our only current lead, being the well that Ratbag had told us about to see what we could find. We made our way to the well and scouted around the various buildings. After exhaustive searching of the area for any clue about the location of Percy I finally plead to Iomedae to show me some kind of sign. With her strength she pointed my eyes directly at a piece of paper that was on the well. We decided to have Jiro distract some of the guards while Scarloc would attempt to retrieve that piece of paper on the well. Both Scarloc and Jiro got captured by the platinum legion and I attempted to step in, but their numbers were far too great and I was beginning to lsoe ground. To make matters worse from the sky two beams of light began coming down and once they hit the ground two men appeared. One of them seemed to be a somewhat scrawny individual probably some sort of sorcerer while the other was a towering man whose aura that surrounded him exuded vileness shaking even I to my core. He said he would free use should I defeat him in a duel. I took him up on his proposition even though I knew I probably wouldn't be able to defeat him. We began our fight and my first strike managed to hit true, he retaliated with a most powerful strike of his own stiking my helm, but glancing off in such a way I felt it didn't do quite as much damage. My next strikes regardless of how accurately I struck I could not pierce his armor and he eventually brought me to my knees. I had to submit or die during this fight, which we still had a task to do. I was bound and knocked unconscious and when I woke up found myself in a cell dangling below a massive wooden platform.

Lucius' Logs #19
Rescue of the Hands

We were transported back to Yampfield and told to arrive at the palace in a short manner as there was to be a meeting about the orc threat. On our way to the King's palace I encountered a familiar face, Tatius Cheriford, the former leader of Gorum's Fist. He apparently joined the Azantine blades, the best of the Hands of Heironus. I was surprised to see him especially as we had been dealing with the poisoned lodge, and was immediately a bit skeptical, however if he was going to be dealing with the orcs and fending them off from Yampfield then I figured we needed as much help as we could get. So long as he didn't interfere with us dealing with the poisoned lodge then there was no reason to suspect him of anything currently. We entered into the King's Palace into the war room with several of Dorwine's lords sitting around the table. We took our place at the table as everyone in the room was introduced. I could only think to myself how quickly we had progressed in life so quickly as apart of the sentinels and eventually our names were said by the king amongst the lords and powerful people of this part of Dorwine. We sat there as the plans to deal with the orcs was discussed and plans and troop movements were laid out we got praise for the group of orcs that we took out. Soon the gathering was dismissed and we were asked to stay behind with the king. Once everyone else had left the king told us about the escalating situation with the poisoned lodge. There was a diseased shipment that came, but luckily it had a note on it that informed them of the shipment. They knew the poisoned lodge was in Rax and the king was sending us there within the next few days to find them and to take care of them. We would rest up from our excursion into the underdark and dealing with the orc warband and prepare to head off to Rax. Gawain and Jiro went to go deal with something else, I wasn't entirely sure what while me and Scarloc went back to to the hands of Heironus to see if the others had return, otherwise we would just wait for some time there and rest up, maybe play some boulder, parchment, shears.

As we were waiting there Scarloc decided to try and play some hide and seek, there was no way I was ever going to find him so I just continued to sit there. Then right in front of me there was a bright blue light that began to shine. I prepared myself for anything and looked around to see if there was anything else around me that I should be worried about. During my scan of the room I somehow managed to spot Scarloc, either he was entranced by the blue light that was being formed in front of us or he decided to not hide very well so I may be able to find him easier to make it somewhat interesting, but that really isn't that important right now. From the blue light emerged Selsani, beaten, battered, bruised and as she looked at me began to fall. I reached over and grabbed her before she managed to hit the ground and I cast lay on hands on her in hopes to stabilize her. Realizing her wounds were far more grievous than my capabilities of healing I yelled at Scarloc to run to father Armias and have him prepare to heal. I picked her up and ran after him as fast as I could, but Scarloc is crazy fast and I was also carrying someone gingerly and healing her occasionaly to keep he alive. We made it to the temple and I gave her to him to try and save her. We waited there for some time and Father Armias came to us and told us that he managed to save her. We went to go talk to us and she told us that the others, Percy, Maven, Xaric, and Duncan had been captured by the orcs. We rushed to go speak with the king about the situation and after some speaking with him he gave us only a few days to rescue them before we needed to make our way to Rax and deal with the poisoned lodge. We made our way to Jiro to tell him about the situation and to message Gawain as he had left the city for whatever reason. Luckily he arrived back at the city that night and we told him about the situation and to meet at the front gates in the morning. I wished that we could leave that night but we needed to rest and would take off first thing in the morning.

When morning finally did arrive we met Sarconis at the front gates where we discovered the his bird, Kree, was actually a Rok and could quickly transport us to where Selsani told us they were captured. Impressed at the size of this bird we got on and the massive Rok took off and we began to head south. It was rather amazing watching the landscape rapidly fade beneath us as we made our way to rescue our friends and fellow guild members. During the journey Gawain was training to become a better ranger with Sarconis while Scarloc was practicing his dance moves, which had something to do with his fighting style I believe. I created a spiritual squire to be his dancing partner, but he quickly flew off of the bird since it couldn't maintain itself on the bird with the rushing winds flying by. We rapidly arrive in the general area Selsani told us they probably were and we began to scan the area. Kree spotted a cart being pulled by horses and we decided that it was probably holding one of our comrades. Kree rushed down and grabbed one of the horses while we all disembarked off of Kree. We got off and the driver was taken as well as the horse. Inside we discovered none other than Duncan in the back of the cart. We quickly released him from his chains and asked him where the others are. He quickly looked around and after discussing with Scarloc told him the general direction of the others and began leading us down the path.

We quickly made our way down the road as fast as we could. As we approched we saw some fires in the distance producing light. We sent Scarloc ahead to do some reconnaissance with Gawain and when they returned they informed us that it appeared to be some kind of slaver auction. We decided to have Jiro pose as a patron looking to purchase some slaves with me and Duncan posing as his bodyguards. Scarloc and Gawain would sneak around providing overwatch for us and hopefully Scarloc managing to get behind the main auctioneer. After some odd back and forth between Jiro and the auctioneer, it appeared as though Jiro had never been to an auction before, the auctioneer appeared to have cast some sort of spell on Jiro that put him under his control. I stepped forward to try and help anyway that I could to try and pull the auctioneer off of the platform that he was on. However he had enough of our trick and told the other slavers to strike me down. After a brief scuffle and me taking quite a few hits Sarconis all of the sudden released a shower of arrows killing a lot of the other slavers at the auction and the auctioneer teleporting out of the area to try and save his skin. Duncan and Scarloc killed those trying to take maven away so she was safe and we purchased Xaric who they both helped during the fight. Eventaully we killed or drove off the rest of the slavers and the auctioneer's guards. We took what we could, but didn't want to spend too much time as Percy had been taken by a group of Wyvern riders. Sarconis came back down and we all mounted back onto Kree with Maven, Xaric, and Duncan now. We began to travel in the direction of Rax in an attempt to catch them before they got to Rax.

We had some time on the back of Kree so I talked with Maven about what happened to them on their excursion with the dwaves. She told us that it was a trap as Grutnak the fast knew exactly how to deal with them, splitting them up and slowly taking them down. The others were acting weird during our conversations using odd phrasing while talking about seemingly innocuous things such as Maven wanting to spar with me once we returned to Yampfield. I didn't pay much mind to it as there were far more important things to deal with. Kree finally spotted the wyverns land and so we landed as well some distance away so as not to alert them of our presence. We dismounted Kree one last time and Sarconis told us that this was as far as he could go before neededing to return back to Yampfield to provide them assistance. Maven, Xaric, and Duncan would help us here, but would return right after this fight regardless if Percy was there or not. Sarconis would come pick them up once I shot a light lance into the air.

We landed and I asked them to not kill any of the people there as we could not be certain that they were in fact the ones who took Percy. Scarloc and Duncan would stealthily approach the encampment with Jiro, Xaric, and Maven to support them while Gawain, Galahad, and I would take out the wyverns should they prove to be a threat. We heard some talking in the distance and one of the riders began to wake the others up as well as the wyverns and then stuff began happening too quickly for what was happening. Until afterwards I had no idea what the others were doing, but while I was dealing with the wyverns with Gawain and Galahad apparently Scarloc and Xaric killed two of the four riders. After a brief scuffle with the wyverns however we either killed them or drove them off and they proved to be not much of a problem for me, however Jiro fell unconcious and I had to rush over and heal him before he died. After all of the threats had been dealt with Jiro seemed to fall unconscious again, but luckily I was able to save him from certain death. We talked with the mercenaries and it appeared as though they were hired to take Percy to Rax as he was said to be a prisoner. Scarloc wanted to kill the two remaining mercenaries however I adamantly opposed this action as they truly had done no wrong and were only doing what they were paid to do given incorrect information. We already slew two of their friends so we had done enough wrong as it is. We freed them and they began to leave the area.

It was at this time we tried to figure out what to do next when Maven, Xaric, and Duncan detected a fearful presence. They believed it to be Grutnak the fast so we all took up positions to try and deal with him. Within moments Grutnak appeared with his Gorthek riders and began to rush forward at us. We stood our ground and fought valiantly. Using his sword it appeared as though he took Jiro and Scarloc's life force out of them, it seemed as though his sword had some form of daemonic enchantment on it. Grutnak tore into Gawain and Galahad wounding Galahad severely. I created a light lance to ask Sarconis for help before the fight, but during the fight it proved to be a hindrance due to its length. Grutnak managed to keep close to me making it difficult to use the lance so instead i channel Iomedae's wrath into my fist and punched him with all of my strength. Scarloc managed to land the killing blow on Grutnak and Maven told us to quickly go so that we could try and rescue Percy. We pushed on, but tired from the fight and taking the wounds that we had we needed to rest. I took up watch with Jiro and we prepared to head into Rax and deal with what we must.

Lucius' Logs #18
The Orc Warband

As we walked amongst the trees relishing the sweet smell of fresh air, away from the dank wetness that is the underdark and the oppresiveness that is hell we continued to make our way back to Yampfield. As we continued back we heard the sounds of marching and war drums. We began to follow it and try and find an outlying group that we might be able to spy on or possibly even take out. We came across an orc warband that appeared fairly strong, but nothing we may not be able to handle. We waited sometime to see if possibly there may be a ranger group or force of Dorwine to help us, but unfortunately we were spotted before any such force arrived. We took up battle stance and prepared to fight to the best of our ability. I took the front to try and buy Jiro and Gawain as much time as possibly to continuously whittle them down while Scarloc flanked around and took out targets of oppurtunity and leaders. We fought hard and bravely and with a few well placed spells and fireballs we managed to harass the enemy for some time eventually slaying enough that we could managed. It was at that time I noticed that the cart that was being pulled was pulled by no beast of burden, but ceustodaemons, the same beasts that we had fought oh so long ago summoned by Opash. Before I could strike out against the abominations I was hit in the side by a Gorthek rider, but managed to have it hit my armor in such a way that it would be deflected and merely glance off instead of pierce through. After their initially charge the rider and his beast were fairly easy to strike down even with all the damage that I sustained throughout the fight. I turned my focus towards the ceustodaemons and channeled Iomedae's wrath through my very body and struck out with several blows that managed to kill the best before it could return blows with me. I took out the other ceustodaemon as well as the others were finishing off their quarries.  

We turned around to hear fighting in the distance and saw a detachment of Dorwine's army dispatching the remainder of the orc forces that were there. The force was led by the Dorwine Knight Ser Nicholas Tychus. We thanked him for his help as he gave us an update on the situation. We told him that we must return to Yampfield quickly to report back to the king. He had his cypher mage teleport us back as there was to be a meeting between the high ranking members soon.

Lucius' Logs #17
The Growing Terror Below

After we had rested and regained our strength we gathered together to go see what the king wanted of us. As we made our way towards the city square I readied myself for what would be asked of us. We entered the throne room to meet with the king and he told us of the threats that may be facing Yampfield and the whole of the eastern section of Dorwine. The orcs have been preparing for an attack, but he feared that the threat of dragon hybrids may be greater than thought. He didn't want any surprises coming from underground during the fight with the orcs. He told us that we may all receive one gift from him to help with this and for what we've done to help Dayhill from not one, but two sieges. I asked for a weapon that may be of help in the task that he set out for us. Scarloc asked for gold in order to buy more gear. Gawain asked for a set of gladiuses to wield, however the king asked for his loyalty to him, but Gawain refused. King Alduic was taken aback for a moment, but simply said very well and asked for the gladiuses back and would be returned once he swore his allegiance. Jiro received a magic artificat, but also requested that the king would watch one of his performances and recommend others go watch it.  Percy requested that we have some place of permanent residency for the deeds that we have done. The king said should we defeat the underground threat as well as deal with the poisoned lodge then he would nominate us to become lords of Dorwine. Excited at the possibility to further help Dorwine and to be recognized for the accomplishments that we have done we set off to start preparing for the task set before us. Although I admired his convictions, I wasn't happy about Gawain not pledging loyalty to the king. He was the lord of the realm and it is our duty to serve him. There would be time in the future to try and get him to come around, but at this time it was necessary to learn all that we could about the underdark.

Percy and I went to the hands of Heironus to see if they had any knowledge of the underdark. It was there that Maven told us that there was a mercenary they had hired who had knowledge of the underdark. In return for his service we would trade their group Percy as they desperately needed a healer. Percy was waiting outside as I spoke to Maven and I told her that I would talk to Percy about it. I went outside to discuss it with him. He was worried about splitting with us, but after some convincing  he came around and was willing to go with them. Discussing with the others we thought that it would be good to have someone who had been in the underdark. It turned out that the mercenary was none other than Harvery, the gunslinger that aided us during the siege of Dayhill. We were excited to team up with him again yet I was rather disappointed that Percy wouldn't be able to join us. We prepared our gear and bought a couple of items that would help such as goggles of darkvision and bottles of air to breath underwater. we made our way out of Yampfield and went to the kobold cave that we had killed the dracolisk in as it was our only lead. We went into the cave and into the room that we had killed the dracolisk in and found a passage further down. We went through the passage and began heading down, down, down. Finally after sometime we reached some glowing mushrooms, but had traveled long enough that we needed to rest. We all laid our heads down and luckily enough had a rather uneventful night.

We got up the next day and proceeded further down the path. After sometime we saw some large scrawny figures that for the life of me can't remember the name of. They all seemed to be gathering mushrooms and bringing them down the path following a bouncing red light. We sneakily went down the path following the light waiting for all the creatures to finish giving their offering to whatever the light was on top of. Once the last creature left the red light continued down the path. We began to follow keeping far enough behind as to not be detected as we did not want to fight with it as it was not our quarry this day. The light at one point vanished and we continued down the path hoping that we would not come into contact with it. However as we continued he appeared behind us and began to speak to us. It appeared to be a small creature with a large pack floating behind him. We eventually negotiated safe passage from him back should we defeat he Kobolds and bring him some of the loot in the cave. He pointed us in the direction of the kobolds over by a pool of lava and also warned us of the creatures on the ceiling that might fall down on us and told us to keep on the path lest we fall victim to them. we made our way to the pathway up and after a few close calls with the falling rock finally made it into the cave. Ahead of us were a couple kobold guards, Jiro managed to charm one of them and gave them a bead of light and asked him to bring it into the chamber and drop it on them. Once we heard the commotion we rushed in to take advantage of the situation only to have a gate fall before us. The kobolds on the other side of the gate who managed to not entirely be blinded released a handful of basilisks upon us. After a brief battle with them we managed to slay the beasts and turn against the advancing kobolds. With our combined strength we managed to eventually slay the remaining kobolds with vision even with their nasty casters trapping me in a hole. There were a few kobolds who remained blinded and we tied them up even though some of the others protested that we shouldn't let them live. We needed to rest after the battle so we all went to sleep to regain our sleep. 

When we woke after a night's rest we noticed that the kobolds had killed themselves, presumably because of the humiliation of being captured and no longer having any sight left. We made our way to the end of the cave and found a grate that led underwater. We placed the bottles of air in our mouths and Harvey put some form of breathing apparatus in his mouth. We went under and spotted a group of Sahuagins. Attempting to navigate around them, Jiro dimension doored us forward, unfortunately right into another group of Sahuagins. We dimension doored once more right into another group. We attempted to fight them but gradually began to get overwhelmed so Jiro dimension doored us once more right in front of their leader. We were surrounded and had to negotiate our way out of the situation. We told him in return for letting us go we would give him the majority of the treasure. We made our way up the ladder into what we assume is the belly of the beast. Once we got to the top we attempted to rest up a bit, but the beast was too perceptive for us. He spoke out to us and asked us to approach. I obliged him as much and approached. After a brief conversation and me having the task set before me by the king I lashed out with the mace that was given to me and struck with all my strength. We had an intense battle with the beast, it unleashing its breath weapon on us knocking Jiro unconcious. I distracted the beast while Gawain got him back up to his feet. we continued to  strike it and strike it. Eventually Jiro casted a spell to it to calm its rage and we began to have a discussion with the beast. While we were talking with it Scarloc ran up behind it and cracked the orb that was in its tail. Before that the orb told us that the Hen Avok would return and with that Scarloc struck the orb and it began to spew forth lava. We began to run down the hall the way we didn't come and approached a magical locked door. Luckily Jiro and Scarloc managed to unlock the door, but the lava appeared on that side of the door as well. We climbed the walls in hopes that the lava would recede, but it continued to increase. Garshok, the devil in Jiro's amulet said he could teleport us to hell and then back to above ground. If we would only but give him our real names. We had to consent unfortunately giving him more power over us, but at the very least we would survive. We sat there in hell for what seems like an eternity, but eventually we were transported back to the material plane above ground. We immediately began to make our way back to Yampfield and tell the king of our success.

Ranger Record's 12
A long Time coming

It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these Records, a lot has happened since the undead siege and now. To keep this nice and short I’m going to abbreviate all that has happened. After the siege we found out that Balgus was sent to the second layer of Hell. We all decided, as well as Thoric to go to the second level of hell and rescue him. To this end we all went our separate ways for three months to train and become stronger. I trained under Neel’s tutelage in becoming a nature warden and deepened my bond with Galahad. I also spent time with my beloved Matrena, the more time I spend with her, the more I begin to realize that I hate being apart from her. I find myself thinking about her non stop, and even during our last mission she was on my mind. I am not a child I should be able to control these emotions but I feel that I truly love Matrena. We also helped rebuild Dayhill. After three months I sent out to rendezvous with the others in Yampfield. We all meet in the Hands of Heironus it was good to see the others Lucius and Percy trained with the Golden Leginarries. Scarloc trained with Fox to become a shadow dancer, whatever that is, they use shadows, I think? Jiro trained with Lucan? And made not gonna lie some pretty awesome boots, and other cool magical items.We gathered around Valterya, Alec had agreed to teleport us back from Hell with the condition being we have to be on the first layer of hell. I decided not to bring Galahad with us, I won’t bring such a noble creature down into Hell itself. We all gathered around and prepared ourselves, and then next thing I knew we were in hell. The first layer was a barren wasteland that the only noise I could hear was the screaming of the damned. We journeyed along for a bit until we had the pleasure of meeting the inhabitants of this hell scape. Devils, we ambushed them and killed all but one of them. We then made an unholy contract with him, in exchange for sparing his life he would take us to the second layer of Hell. He failed his half, and because of the wording of the contract he was slain, and in his stead a red Tiefling stood before us. Ipkesh was his name, and he said he would fulfill the rest of the contract in his stead. He  then teleported us into his tavern in the city of Dis. After some debating we decided that we would strike a deal with the devil inside of Ipkesh, in exchange for killing a business rival he would sneak us into the prison that Balgus was kept in, but also smuggle us to the first layer, where we could safely teleport away. We then went on our way, his business rival turned out to be a giant fat disgusting Devil. We killed it, and as a side note never piss off Thoric, ever. Then Ipkesh showed up took us to the prison and left us in a room in the same ward as Balgus. The group decided to send Scarloc and Jiro ahead to find Balgus and teleport him back to us.To pass time in the room, Lucius Thoric and I played cards. Specifically Go fish, I lost. Not sure what happened but they found him and made it back to the room. It was good to see my friend Balgus again, but it was the joy on Thoric’s face that showed me how much he was really worried about his brother. The reunion was short lived as the jail wardens quickly found out where we were hiding. As the Devils were about to break into the room, we activated the contract with Ipkesh and he teleported us to safety. Jiro had to trade away a magic knife for it, but it was worth it since we all got out alive. Back on the first layer, we joined hands then used the crystal Alec gave us to return to the material plane. What we thought took weeks only took about three minutes. It was joyous to know that we were back in the material plane, and that I was reunited with Galahad once more. No rest for the wicked however, the King of Yampfield, King Aldwic wanted us for a mission. We bid Balgus and Thoric Farewell, then went to the Velvet Dagger to rest for a few days. We then meet with King Aldwic who knew that I was the son of Baron Kronsieg. The King tasked with with two missions. One find the source of the Dracolisk we fought, and two go to the city of Rax and defeat the poison lodge to prevent them from poisoning all of Yampfield. We decided that it would be best if we had a guide with us to the underdark (the location which the Deepwood scouts said the Dracolisk came from.) As it turns out the Yampfield branch had a man who knew the underdark well. Harvey! He fought alongside us in Dayhill, he used these items called guns, truly marvels of technology, I want to get my hands on one. In exchange for getting Harvey we agreed to allow Percy to join them on a mission as they needed a even number of members. We rested for the night, then made our way to the Kobold cave where we first encountered the Dracolisk, there we found an underground stairwell leading into the underdark. After traveling awhile we found ourselves in a mushroom farm. We eventually came across the gnome who owned this farm. In exchange for killing the powerful Kobolds in a cave near his farm, he would allow us to leave peacefully. We found the cave containing the kobolds, and where there are kobolds there are dragons. Usually. We entered the cave, and slaughtered the Kobolds. We then found out that there was a shrine deeper inside of the cave. We had to swim to reach the shrine, things never are simple. In the water were water based humanoids called sahuagins. We killed a few of them, then we tried to teleport away only to find the leader of the Sahuagins. This champion agreed to let us pass, if in exchange we gave him half of the treasure we find. We agreed, then left the water, after catching our breathe for a bit, we ventured further into the shrine. There we found not a dragon, but a Dracohydra, half dragon half Hydralisk.Instead of slaying the creature Scarloc used one of the weapons he got from Hell, his Infernal Short Sword to stab a crystal the Dracohydra seemed to be guarding, this caused the crystal to speak and caused the Dracohydra to turn into ash, that the Hen Avok were behind this creature, the crystal then began to spew lava. We tried to outrun this enchanted lava only the realize we were surrounded. Then the amulet around Jiro’s neck began to speak. This amulet was a gift from Ipkesh, the Amulet contains a devil, he offered to teleport us to safety, he only required knowing our real names.We all agreed, he then teleported us to the surface. We then slept for the night, in the morning we said our farewell to Harvey as we went our separate ways. Along the way back to Yampfield I kept hearing something that gnawed at the back of my mind. It was only when the noise got louder did I realize what it was, and my realization made my feel fear again. It was an Orc War band, their damn drums beating, its a noise I shall never forget. However the noise was ahead of us, and I had strong friend at my side, this time it will be different. We eventually found the Orc Warband and decided to ambush it. As we got ready to fight, it took all my willpower to avoid shaking in my boots, and breaking down in fear. The last time I fought against a Orc War band had ended in victory yes, but so many that I called brothers died. Bedivere death from that incident shook me, what if one of the others died? No I refused to let that happen, I would stand and fight alongside my fellow Sentinels. The battle was hard fought, but we slew most of them, and the timely arrival of reinforcements was a welcome sight. The Dorwianin battle group had a mage that teleported us to Castle Yampfield. Once in the castle we learned that while we were gone the Orcs and their full war host appeared. They ranked in the thousands, many Rangers were the front liners, and had the majority of casualties. I worried for my Dragoons, but I knew that they would be in good hands. I offered my help to Sarconis, then the group decided we would leave for Rax first thing tomorrow morning. Percy was due to arrive at night our group would be together again. I decided that PErcy would be fine, and that I wanted to get a general consensus of the war, so I traveled towards the frontlines. However Percy was not fine. Jiro sent me a message that I needed to return at once.  Apparently Selsani was the only person to arrive, nearly dead. She also told us that the others were ambushed and captured by Orcs. Orcs, they took Bedivere, Mordired and the other dragoons. They won’t take Percival. We asked permission from the King to chase him down and save them. The King then pointed out that the lives of all the people in Yampfield, was worth more than the lives of four individuals, and as much as it pains me to say, the King was right. Our duty was to the people, and I could not call myself Gawain of Yampfield if I did not put the people first. After seeing his wisdom he did give us a way out, the Orcs had a slave camp on the way to Rax, surely we could swing by on our way there. Hell yes we could. The next day we found that Sarconis was our guide towards Rax, and that his Falcon Kree was in fact a Roc, who could shrink himself. Kree carried us towards the camp, it was also during this time that I lost my druid ways and dedicated myself more into being a Ranger. We eventually found a caravan travelling on a road. We ambushed it to find Duncan, one of the members we lost. He guided us to the slaver camp where a slaver was beginning an auction. Jiro decided to masquerade as a slaver, only to be charmed by the slaver. Combat was unavoidable, during the combat Jiro launched a fireball at Galahad. If he hadn’t been charmed I would killed the shit, for trying to harm Galahad. Luckily the charm wore off and he returned to his right state of mind. We managed to save the other hands members, but it turns out the slaver had already sold Percival to Wyvern riders, who were headed to Rax. We continued our journey and eventually found the Wyvern Riders. We ambushed their party, and what was meant to be bloodless turned into killing half of their members. On a positive note we managed to free the wyverns and they left. After interrogating the surviving members we learned that they sent Percy and a few riders ahead to the city of Rax to drop him off at the buyer. We let them go, which I found myself surprised at. Before being with these guys I would of slit their throats to avoid any loose ends, but I found myself ok with letting them go. Perhaps I have changed. However it was then that Mavin told us that the ORc that ambushed her group were near, seeing as how this Orc was a high ranking member of the invasion we decided to kill him. During the fight we found out why he was called Vutnak the Swift. He was also deadly as he gave Galahad a scar, we eventually slew him. Mavin and her group ordered us to go, while they cleaned up the rest of the orcs. It did not sit right with me that we were leaving our comrades behind but Percy needed us badly, so I agreed with the others and left. After many days of Travel we finally reached our destination. Rax, the city of scums, the city in the trees. It lived up to its reputation of being a city of scum, as in a hour of being then our our stuff was stolen, but mine. I caught my would be pickpocket. We convinced him to show where he brought all of our loot. Scarloc went ahead and stole it back. Turns out it was a trap, and that the Whelps (a guild of thieves/assassins that rule the underbelly of Rax) targets us. Scarloc impressed them enough that they let us go and allowed our gear back. On top of that they agreed not to steal from us again. We got a lead on the man who stole Percy, he wore a mask, and the Poison Lodge seemed to operate out of a tea shop. After spending time hunting down leads we decided to spend the night in a tavern in the slums. A word of warning, if you ever go to Rax. Stay in a tavern above ground. The tavern was delightful and the owner Siege seemed pleasant enough. After drinking a bit, a blue bird flew in carrying a message for Lucius, he immediately stood up and stormed off. I followed him to Jiros room. It was there that we learned the truth. Jiro had made a deal with a Devil. He sold his soul of power. Jiro then allowed the Devil to materialize. I followed Eristil before, but this sight only served to deepen my faith to the gods. His mere presence was enough to strike fear in me, and his unholy aura only spoke that he meant trouble. Jiro then crossed a line as he claimed that I did not care about PErcy. Bad move, Percy is my brother, I care for very few more than he, so I slapped Jiro. Jiro then ordered the devil to contain both me and Lucius. This bad. Jiro had been completely corrupted by this Devil and he couldn’t even see it. We then all went to bed, I pray to Eristil for guidance in this matter… Our sleep wasn't long as Lucius woke me. He heard a strange noise, after breaking us out of our locked rooms, we found said noise. A giant, and I mean giant like impossible to measure, wall of water. The tavern was a trap and we fell for it. After nearly drowning a man named Mavus saved us. We then spent the rest of the time on a safer local. In the morning it turns out Lucius had gotten a message from Iomedae, in the well that served as the only source of fresh water for the inhabitants below was a note. The same type of note that told us where to find the Poison Lodge in the first place. We made our way over there and came up with a plan, Jiro would distract the guards around the well while Scarloc would steal the note. It did not go as planned. Jiro got knocked out almost instantly, Scarloc was spotted, as I was getting ready to help Lucius, two men fell from the sky like shooting rockets. One was a anti-paladin, I could tell by his aura, the other was a mage who seemed to know Jiro. In a one on one duel Lucius was beaten, I think this is the first time I have ever seen him fall. I decided it would be best to follow from a distance and bide my time trying to save them. It didn’t work out, the mage spotted me, luckily I was able to outrun him with Galahad's help. I know found myself alone. I decided that the next day I would look for my friends since the Chariot was to lower on the Day of Battle, and the cages underneather held prisoners. Later in the day however I got a throbbing in my head. The message told me to travel to the outskirts of the city. I did so, and to my very pleasant surprise. I saw something that truly made me feel honored. A ancient Wyvern, something similar to dragons descended from the skies. This Wyvern then began to communicate with me, since I had freed one of its brood, it would return the favor and take me to the second layer of Rax. I did have to wait two days. I felt a sense of satisfaction, my nature warden training had not let me down, and only deepened my need to protect nature, and all who call that place sacred. Galahad and I spent the night in a safer inn. The next day we explored the Chariot, however we could not find the others, giving up I returned to the inn, to spend my last day. Tomorrow will bring a new day, hopefully I will be able to find my comrades, I need to find them so we can safe Percy, and stop the Poison Lodge; I just hope everyone is OK. However I lay here, I keep thinking of Materna, she occupies my every waking thought, even in combat I still think of her, my heart hurts knowing how far away she is. I must tell her how much she means to me, however I have no idea how to propose to a dwarf. I truly love Matrena.

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Gawain Dragoon

Lucius' Logs #16
... Ad Inferi

The time was upon us as Valtyra's ritual was completed and we could go to Hell. Our escape was to be orchestrated by Alec who gave us a rod to implant into the ground that would serve as some form of anchor so he could gather us and return us to the material plane. We were somewhat skeptical, but Balgus needed us and there was no time to ruminate on these details and we simply had to trust Alec. Thoric was to join us as it was his brother that was imprisoned and I was certainly thankful for his help. Alec also turned Jiro into an incubus and the rest of our group into slaves in order to make it look like we were to be sold in the city of Dis. The sentinels of the blazing sun as well as Thoric stepped into the circle that Valtyra had prepared for us and in an instant we were transported to the dim desolate wasteland that was the first layer of hell. We looked around us for any form of structure and landmark of some kind, but were able to find none save a large plateau off in the distance. Seeing as this was our only reference point in an otherwise flat and empty plain of nothingness. We walked on for what seemed like ages as there was no rising or setting of the sun to mark the days. After some time in the distance we noticed some mounted riders heading in our direction. They appeared to be devils of some kind. We waited for them to approach and Jiro went to go talk to them. It appeared as though the conversation didn't end well as they began attacking us and the rest of us moved to aid him. We slew or drove off the devils except for one who we managed to capture. After a lot of negotiating and wording things exactly right to ensure the safety of our souls I signed a contract with the devil in order to grant us passage to the city of Dis protected by the pact primeval. He continued to lead us toward the plateau for some time and the continuous walk was starting to drain me yet I knew I had to press on. We finally arrived at the plateau and the devil's allies appeared over the ridge behind him. Our only escape was the fleshy tunnel behind us as we didn't think that we could take them all in a fight. As we started to head towards the tunnel it appears the pact primeval protected us and the lead devil began to babble incoherently and him and all the devils that had joined him were erased from existence.

We stood there dumbfounded for a second before appearing in front of us was a tiefling who said that he would be the one to fulfill the rest of the contract that the devils had shirked. He told us his name was Ipkesh and that he would transport us to the city of Dis in a safe area for us to gather ourselves. He teleported us there and during the brief time I could feel the stare of Asmodeus himself stare at us giving me a chill down my spine. As I looked around I realized we were in what passed for a bar in the city of Dis with several monstrous devils eating scraps of flesh. He told us that we would be safe here for the time being and to talk to him should we need any help. After some discussion with the group we settled on seeing what form of help we could get from Ipkesh. Ipkesh told us he could get us into the bastion of flesh if we would do a favor for him. We had to slay a devil by the name Otugash who was competition for him and preventing him from advancing in the Hierarchy. We had to do it discreetly as it couldn't be known that Ipkesh or the devil that lived in him was behind it as this was the reason he hadn't done it himself yet. He also threw in some other deals we could accept from him should we so desire, but I was extremely hesitant to accept them, but they were there nonetheless should we invoke the other pacts. Jiro and I were the ones talking with him so we returned to the others to get their input on the matter. They agreed and we worded in a way for Ipkesh to get us out of the bastion of flesh should we invoke the pact. In return Ipkesh would acquire the service of Teto for a month should we invoke that pact. With our task set out in front of us and a clear way to rescue Balgus we set out to complete our end of the bargain and slay the devil know as Otugash. We walked out onto the street in our slave attire with Jiro leading the way towards the slave market that Otugash runs. We were harrassed along the way, but eventually we were able to make it to the market. We entered and talked with what seemed to amount to the secretary of Otugash who after some diplomacy and presenting Percy and I as two holy warriors seemed to pique the interest of the secretary. He lead us to Otugash's chamber. Jiro presented us to Otugash and the moment that I was close enough to strike, I grabbed my halberd and dug it as deep into his flesh as I could

In moments we surrounded Otugash and began cutting into him and lashing out as hard as we could. Worried I might attract attention I refrained from using my smite, but as the battle wore on I realized that it may be necessary. Otugash summound several of his minions to assist him, but Gawain and Jiro and Thoric were able to deal with the in a short manner whilst Scarloc, Percy, and I continued to hack away at Otugash. I continued to Stab and cut into Otugash while taking a large amount of damage in return whilst the others continued to harass the engorged devil. It was Scarloc though that landed the killing blow on the corpulent devil putting an end to him. As we stood there we began to hear footsteps down the hall as something was approaching fast. Jiro attempted to hide us and made us invisible as we stood in a corner however the devils spread out and swept the room. We were eventually found out and brought before the large horned devil. He told us that we were to be brought to Menthiri, the bastion of flesh, and it was at that moment I realized the horned devil was either Ipkesh or a servant of Ipkesh. The beast brought us through the city on what seemed to be an endless march. At one point Ipkesh revealed that he was indeed the horned devil and that he would safely put us into Menthiri into a room that was formerly occupied by one of the wardens. We arrived at the bastion of flesh and began to hear the wails of agony that permeated Menthiri and we were lead to an empty room. We rested for awhile to regain our strength and then when we were ready to go Gawain, Percy Thoric, and I stayed behind while Jiro and Scarloc went out to see what they could find. Gawain and I played cards while we waited so I only heard what Jiro and Scarloc told us about what happened and from what they said they teleported around a few times then managed to find Thoric and dimensioned doored back to the room. Shortly before they arrived there was an alarm that began sounding and after they entered and we closed and locked the door there was banging on it from the other side. It appeared as though the door would not last for much longer so we decided to invoke the fourth pact of Ipkesh so he could transport us out of the prison. As was requested he did indeed rescue us and brought us back to his tavern. We thanked him and Jiro managed to trade the service of Teto in return for a dagger that Dove had given him. Ipkesh also bestowed on Jiro some form of necklace and it turned out Scarloc had found a pair of weapons from Otugash. We thanked Ipkesh once more and he returned us to the first plane of hell so that we may deploy the rod that Alec had given us. Once we deployed the rod we were transported out of Hell and back to Yampfield with Balgus in tow.

Back in the hall of the hands of Heironus and free from the oppressive atmosphere that was Hell I felt it necessary to give thanks to Iomedae for helping us through these trying times and to ask forgivness for dealing with such evil creatures in order to rescue Balgus. Shortly after returning we found out that the King wished to talk to us when we had a moment, but it was necessary that we take at least a day to recover from our journey, possibly more.

Lucius' Logs #15
Per Aspera...

After flsuhing the poisoned lodge out of the city for the time being the group decided to part ways in preparation for Valtyra to create a way for us to enter hell and rescue Balgus from his imprisonment. All of us had separate tasks that we desired to accomplishment before our inevitable trips to one of the most evil places the universe has, even more so than the abyss since that is simple brutality where Hell is ordered and purposefully done. Percy and I were going to travel with Arcus and his detachment of the Golden Legionnaires and return to their headquarters in the north. Percy and I went through brutal training that lasted the entire 3 months in preparation for our journey to Hell. They constantly tried to break us to build us back up again stronger than before. After weeks of travel we finally arrived to where they resided and Percy and I were met by an oddly tribal settlement and order. However as the time came to a close our training was complete and we were indoctrinated into the Golden Legionnaires. They sent us off with a new large Golden shield representing our status and Percy and I returned back to Yampfield to greet the others. We got back together and decided how we would go about rescuing Balgus.

Lucius' Logs #14
To Kill a King

Father Armias gave us advice to go see what we could find out from the God of deception himself. I steeled my resolve to have a meeting with such a vile God of deceit, but in order to save the king I feared that this was the quickest route to finding out the plot that the poisoned lodge had come up with. All Gods are worshipped in one way or another in the city as even the gods associated with deception and poisoning can be used for some good or at the very least deserve a shrine in the city to appease them. Worship of the gods that are considered good is far more prominent in the city as their boons and assistance come without price so long as you fight in their name and honor as well as spread their teachings as I do for Iomedae.

Asking for my goddess' protection one final time before setting out to discuss with a god that she has had hostile relations with in the past, the Sentinels of the Blazing Sun and I set out to uncover the plot that the posion lodge has set in motion. We make our way to the shrine to Norgorber in the less populated area of the city square where the worship to the gods usually thought of as evil resides. The section of the city where Norgorber shrine resides is not very welcoming, especially to a paladin on the light. The learning and studying of these gods is perfectly fine, however, to make it your primary god of worship where you draw your powers from is an entirely different story. Not wanting to spend more time here than needed we make our way to the shrine. I kneel down before the small tapestry that adorns the wall and send out a plea for this dark god to aid us.  I implore him to see that even these subjects that follow him are unworthy of his assistance, however, he had a much different idea in mind how we might acquire the information about the poisoned lodge. He wanted a paladin of Iomedae to go kill two individuals that reside in the shrine to Urgathoa, the goddess of the undead. Why Norgorber desired us to go slay two people in the shrine I know not. I was hesisitant to accomplish this task as I had no idea why he wanted them dead, but the poisoned lodge must be stopped. I step outside the shrine and pray to Iomedae for forgiveness for this trespass against her and hope she can know that I do this for a greater good.

We make our way to the temple to Urgathoa and step inside. After quickly scanning around we find no one inside of the temple and I wonder why Norgorber sent us here. I step into a room off to the side and see within two large stone coffins. I move over to inspect them further curious to see if possibly the two Norgorber want me to slay are within. As I move closer out of nowhere two ghosts appear and begin attacking us. I channel Iomedae's divine power and smite the two creatures in an effort to slay them. Some of us sustain quite a bit of damage, but nothing that we couldn't take. We manage to slay the two ghosts sending them to their final rest and assumedly completing our end of the bargain to Norgorber. I questioned why Norgorber would want us to kill these two ghosts, but didn't think more of than these two ghosts had wrong him in the past either in life or death and he wanted them dead for good. We returned to the shrine and informed him we had completed our end of the bargain. He proceeded to tell us that the poisoned lodge was attempting to slay the king on the Jeweled Dias during one of his speeches that was to be given the next day. With this information in hand we first go tell Kaine Blackfoot about the plot to let him know what may occur. After that we return to the velvet dagger and inform them about what we had discovered. The next day we would set out to the city square and hopefully stop the assassination plot.

We woke up the next morning and set out to the city square. After some initial trouble getting in eventually we manage to contact Kaine who allows us through the gate. We take positions around the dias where the king is to give he speech and begin scanning the crowd for any person looking highly suspect. A man in a cloak is spotted by a member of our party and I rush over to see who it is. To my shock I realize that it is none other than Ish from my previous mercenary group I worked with. At first I was shocked and then as I saw his face and remembered what they did to those people on the caravan I realized that this turn of events should not surprise at all. Seeing his face and having the recent encounter with Norgorber I instantly though to search for Mattie Red, the cleric of Norgorber. Once that thought entered my mind it almost seemed to cloud it in an effort to find her, as if Norgorber himself willed me to find her and not the person who would have been doing the assasination. I scanned the crowd for Mattie, but to no avail. After some words with Ish that were suspect, but nothing incriminating we could do nothing but wait. We stood there as the king walked to the platform along with Kaine Blackfoot and began giving his speech. As he was talking Ish said that the problem with a prediction of an assasination attempt is just that, an attempt. He then dropped his axe to the ground and said he missed and began walking off. Almost simultaneously we watch as Kaine is hit by something and drop to the ground. Panic spreads among the crowd as the began to disperse. I make my way directly to where Kaine fell and push aside the guards as I lay my hands on him in order to delay the poison. I pick him up and carry him to the temple of light so father Armias can attempt to heal him. After a brief conversation with him we set out in order to the broken blade as that is where Ish said they would be during my brief chat with him. 

As we arrive they are already all sitting inside and offer us a drink. We decline and tell them our intention and why we came. After some nonsense about not having any proof that they are the ones who attempted to slay Kaine we decide to leave in order to gather more hard proof about their involvement. I leave only to find that I have been transported across town outside of TEP supplies. Realizing that my allies were still in the tavern I rush back to the broken blade to try and help before it is too late. Scarloc quickly runs past me as I realize they may be in more trouble than I thought. We continue to rush forward and find Gallahad waiting there for us. We hop on her and make the final stretch to the broken blade. Ish is dead on the floor while the rest it seems had escaped. We search the tavern for anymore clues, but find none. As we step outside Dove appears atop the tavern and drops Areen in front of us. We bring her back to the Maiden's Rose in order to question her and see what information we might be able to glean. After questioning her and Areen not giving an inch, Jiro became fed up with her and attempted to kill her. I was unable to react fast enough in order to stop him as first he tried to use the poisoned they used against her and upon getting it on his own hands and feeling it pulse through his system try to hurl a snowball at her. His snowball manages to hit her as he begins to fall unconscious. The next events that occur are events I wish never had happened, but certainly never allow happen again. We attempt to forcefully gain information from Areen, but to no avail. She was willing to die just to spite us. She said if we freed her she would give us the antidote, but that was the only way. I took Jiro to father Armias to slow the process leaving Scarloc and Gawain to Areen. In the heat of the moment and my frustration with her in the past and the possible loss of Jiro I allowed this to happen, but I must make sure that I never let my emotions get the better of me and allow my morals to falter. After awhile Scarloc and Gawain appear at the temple claiming to have the antidote, but saying that Areen had managed to escpae. We pour it into Jiro and Kaine's mouths and thankfully enough the two immediately begin to feel better. The poisoned lodge had brought the worst out in me and I intend to put an end to them before they can cause anymore harm.

Scarlocs secrets 5
The Depths of Thostrund

<meta />We had won the blood bowl and proved ourselves to thortona of the kneecappers. SHe finally agreed to allow us to help her group to kill the hill giant for a mission. As we were preparing for the mission thoric had told me that I had received a letter. He didn't see who dropped it off but it just said to meet him behind the spider's den. I guess i will look into this at a later time. We headed off with the Kneecappers as a large group. The ranger… Gawain I think was his name? He seemed to have an eye on one of the kneecappers members. Matrina, I think that's her name. We didn't even make it 20 steps into the cave before we got ambushed by a couple of weird giant bug looking thing. Matrina and I scouted ahead and silenced a giant scorpion together as our entire team was ambushed again but we managed to  deal with the threat a lot better than last time. Thortona had a couple of hounds with her and unfortunately one of them perished. We went went into another cave and we spotted a giant, again Matrina and I managed to quickly stealth kill it. (so this is what it's like to have another stealthy person on the team, we really need to get another). Unfortunately for us though, there were more giants, but thanks to Jiro’s quick thinking he managed to oil the corridor the giants were coming through and stall them as we took them out one by one. I did end up having a reunion with one of the giants that knocked me out just before I was saved by Thoric. Unfortunately Matrina had a slaying arrow which dealt the final blow instead of me, so much for revenge. (Hope I get to deal the final blow for the revenge of my entire family.) We finally found the Hill giant, and was this thing huge, not as tall as the trees I grew up climbing but dam was this thing gonna take a lot to knock down. We decided to lay an ambush for the giant and once sprung things went pretty well. Our cockyness got us in trouble, another one of Thortonas hounds had died. Marnay (I think that’s her name) was grabbed by the giant and well in a blink of an eye Phethian the mage was in her place. He was killed by the giant. That's the first death of someone I saw, I was angry, memories of my family came back into my mind. My murderous rage was returning and all I saw was red, red as dark as blood. I wanted to end this things life with my own hands. I went in with blind rage which was not a good idea. My mind was clouded and next thing I knew I was getting thrown or something was thrown at me i think it was the paladin but I can’t remember for sure. I think I blacked out for a second when I hit the wall. I saw the paladin almost dead and wasn't gonna watch another die. I slid my potion to the paladin and he got up and went in. After that I was thinking a bit more and decided to just shoot it with arrows instead of just going in and dying. After killing the giant the kneecappers took phethian and somehow teleported out of the cave leaving our group on their own. As we were leaving a wall of fire was blocking our route. We decided to go looking for another exit and found a den of spiders. Our ranger friend could talk to… spiders? I think? I don't even know what happened. We ended up finding a mage they were guarding who was the one that sent me the letter. This mage named Opash told us that we angered some people and long boring prophecy blah blah, this sorta thing suits the paladin more than me. He summoned some creatures that we tried fighting but gawain died and i was knocked out and the paladin finally blew the horn and someone named hawk saved us , somehow resurrected gawai, took me out of my unconscious state and then once again blah blah prophecy blah blah magic stone blah blah once again not my thing I just go where the money goes. OH also the revenge for my family.

Lucius' Log #13
The Search for the poisoners

Starting the day with the task set out in front of us in order to find the group that is poisoning members of the clergy and populace. I had no clue where we needed to begin our search for the group as I had never done any investigatory work. My skill set didn't include this cloak and dagger style of work so I would have to rely on the others for the most part to find any clues. At the beginning of the day we went to the City Square as we were informed that one of my mentors, Father Osbad, was the most recent target of these assassinations as they seemed to be. The five of us continued through the gate as we passed through thanks to one of the guards being a man I knew from my youth named Joric. Luckily enough he remembered me and allowed us through the gate. Before we entered he asked me about Domitius. It took me by surprise, the events of the past few months had so captured my attention I almost had forgotten about what happened so many years ago even as we entered the gates that I had lived in for the majority of my life. I stood there stunned for a second as the memories returned and the only thing I could respond to him was to say it was a story for a later time. We continued through the gates trying to put our current task at the forefront of my mind. The first thing we wanted to address was talking to Kaine Blackfoot and get his input on some of the things we had encountered. I had nothing to talk to him about, but I'm sure that I was probably the only person that could get us through the first gate. We talked to the palace guards and told them that we were friends of the court mage and they sent a page to go see if our story was true. The page came back to allow us into the palace. We continued through the palace, somewhere even I had yet to have been to, and met Prince Vilkas, son to Kind Alduic. For some reason he wanted to lead us to Kaine's room which all of us thought was fairly strange. We walk into Kaine's room and we all greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries. The others had some questions they wanted to ask of Kaine including some stuff for Gawain about his rangers and Jiro about the books that we had. As we exited the prince apparently had been eavesdropping on our conversation and knew of some sort of mind reader who deals with memories. We deliberated and had Jiro accompany Gawain to the mind reader whilst Scarloc, Percy and I continued to the temple of light to see if I was able to talk to my former mentor Osbad.

As we entered the temple there was a man in the pulpit giving a sermon. We remained in the back of the temple listening and waiting for the sermon to end. The man giving the sermon noticed us and walked to the back in order to greet us. The man's name was Father Armias and was the brother to Domitius. Luckily for me he didn't wish to inquire about what I knew about that as we managed to quickly address the poisoning of father Osbad. He took us back to where he was being treated and told us that there wasn't much they could do to heal him as whatever poison afflicted him was intensely strong and beyond even his healing powers. There wasn't much that Father Armias could tell us about the poisonings as they were in the dark about the situation as much as we are. I asked him to contact us with any information that he might receive and to send it to the Hands of Heironus guild hall. We left the temple and the city square and agreed to meet the other members after they had finished dealing with the psychic and Gawain's memories I believe. We met up and handled a few other things before heading to the Hard Stop Inn.

We arrived at the Inn and Scarloc and Gawain decided to talk to the bartender's while Jiro, Percy, and I decided to take a table elsewhere to see if there were any interesting people that we might be able to spot. We encountered an interesting person who began to talk to us. Both Jiro and I truly had no idea how to segue into talking about the poisoning so we pretty much just came right out and asked her if she knew anything. It appeared that she didn't and simply told us that she would be staying in the Brass Arrow tavern. I felt as though we weren't going to get much out of her. She left us and as we were preparing to leave Scarloc came and talked to us about an encounter with someone from his past. Gawain and Scarloc told us about what they figured out from the bartender which wasn't much and we told them that we truly didn't learn much of anything. Last thing we decided to try was talking to those in the Broken Blade Inn. We asked the barmaid what she knew of the poisonings and the only important information we managed to glean from her was that there were no poisonings that happened in the Western district. We then returned to the Velvet Daggers headquarters and told them of our findings which were meager at best. Hopefully we could find more usable information the next day.


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