Chronicles of Marhalla

Ranger Record's 12

The Undead Siege

We then stepped into what I thought was Dayhill. I was however greeted not with the familiar smell of Dayhill, but rather of the forest. It did not take long to figure out that we were three days ride from Dayhill. I was determined to come to the aid of not only Dayhill but of Matrena. I lost a beloved once, never again. We decided to press forward towards the town, with me in the lead. I stopped a nearby patrol of guards, and asked about any information about the area. The only thing we were told was that a large amount of Dorwain solders were moving towards Dayhill. This was bad news, if the military decided to send troops, things must be dire. With my motivation reinvigorated we pressed forward. It was the next day that we learned the truth. We encountered a band leaving Dayhill, which was lead by Tennoculus. We pulled him aside to inquire what had happened. Turns out an army of undead had begun to lay siege to the town. My heart dropped fearing the worst for Matrena. It was then that I saw the filth of Samson Smallwood. He had fled the town while others stayed behind and defend his some called home. He was no noble and deserved the justice i dispatched to his face. It was worth it, and damn the consequences. We decided to press onward promising to defend the town or die trying. When we awoke on the third day I could tell that something had changed. The atmosphere of the forest had changed. The feeling I could describe it as, it was the same feeling I had while training to become a Nature Warden. It was as if the forest itself was alive. I took a minute to affirm my connection to both nature and Galahad. We decided to press on. It was about ten minutes later when Scarloc alerted us that something had been following us. Turns out this something was a Wolf the size of a mountain. The sheer gaze of such a proud and majestic creature brought everyone but me and Scarloc to their knees. After trying to communicate with it it left after I told it, that we meant this forest no harm. The only thing I could think that it was, is a Deity of the forest. Or some kind of protector. Once we left, we continued for another hour to find that the lands had become corrupted, the land itself was dying. This was offense to my Druid nature, and I made a vow to return these lands to the way they were. Scarloc once again alerted to us that this giant wolf was in fact following us. I walked up to it and declared that I would restore these lands. It was then that the creature bent down and offered us to climb on. It's fur was so soft, it felt like what I would imagine clouds t be like. The Great Wolf took a seven hour long journey and turned it into a thirty minute journey. It let us off at the edge of Dayhill, then as wordlessly as it appeared it once again left. It was here that we saw the damage. The outer district of Dayhill had been destroyed. My heart plummeted, how could anyone survive this? Then we spotted in the distance that the defenders were still fighting and the inner walls were still standing. If Matrena was still there she would be there. We decided to sneak past the undead milling about on the outside, and enter through a secret passage. However when we reached the river, we decided that it would be fastest if we ;et the river carry us to the drawbridge in center of town and then have Teto inform the people inside reinforcements were here. This plan went off without a hitch, and I got the first sight of an Ironclad. Massive figures that stood in complete Iron. With them we might be able to hold onto the city. As we entered my first priority was to find Matrena. Thankfully I saw her upon the ramparts. My first thought was how happy I was to see her face again. Even though we were apart for only a couple of weeks, it felt much longer then that. The next emotion was fear. Things were bad out there, hundreds of undead had us surrounded. However I would be damned if I was going to just lay down and die. I have been in a few sieges'. Time to use that experience to our benefit. We then walked into the Hand's headquarters, the building that I called home for a month, had changed so drastically. The cries of the wounded indicating that this was a triage center. I helped Balgus with the wounded. He jumped out of his skin when he saw us. Must of thought that it was over for them. It's good that he laughed, in a siege moral is just as important as weapons and soldiers. The one thing that surprised me was the fact that Folcey had stayed behind. She was no fighter, and could not defend herself, but she still remained behind to protect those civilians. For that she earned my respect. As the others begun to talk about the defense of the town I went out finished tending to the wounded and begun to get ready for the upcoming battle. I knew that the undead needed to be burned to stay dead, and I remembered a little trick I picked up at Aefrin Tower. By putting high concentration alcohol in a bottle with a rag, then lighting that rag on fire one could effectively make a fire bomb. Balgus had black liquor, knowing how strong the stuff is, I knew I could dilute it to make more bigger bombs. In the end I only managed to make two Fire barrels, hopefully two was all we would need. Lucius then came out and informed me, that I would command the archers. It's been so long since I last commanded men in the field. I even lost my Dragoon's am I even worthy to command them? It did not matter my experience made me the best fit, so I agreed. I then spent a couple minutes rallying the men, and telling them their target priority plus setting them up in positions. I then spent the rest of the time with Matrena. If I was to fall I wanted it to be fighting next to the one I love. I was just simply appreciating the time I had gotten with my comrades. If I were to die I hope the others would survive. Lucius, Scarloc, Jiro, Matrena, and Percival. They are my true family, and I would do whatever it took to make sure we all made it through this, or atleast they did. Then the corpses started moving, and I knew the time had come. The battle of Dayhill had commenced. As we archers rained down arrows upon the foe, Lucius plus Percival went onto the bridge with some town gaurd and the Iron clad. For awhile we begun to make a dent into their lines, Harvy, the new member showed off his contraption. With a loud boom, he shot a ghost and slew it in one blow. I need to get my hands on that the next chance I get, such a weapon can prove extremely effective. For awhile I though we were going to hold. Then the undead threw a curve ball. A lich was leading the undead, and decided to call for some help. A massive undead creature came out of nowhere, easily bigger then the giant we had killed in the cave. However we had the Iron Clad, and they were nearly as big as them. That was my mistake, this creature easily picked them up and chucked them into the river. If we lost the bridge we lost the front. I saw Lucius and Thoric fill the gap where an Iron Clad use to be. It was then when I saw the creature open his foul mouth and spewed forth a cursed acid. The poor Town's Guard melted upon contact, Luckily Thoric, Lucius, and Percival managed to stand up. I could tell however that Lucius was hurt. BAD. He needed to get out of there, but before I could call him back into the town, the lich shot somekind of magic which forced Lucius and Thoric off of the bridge. Did I just watch two of my friends perish? No they are strong, I must have faith that they will resurface until then I will continue targeting the bemoth. However by this time all the Iron Clad had been cast aside and only Percy stood on the bridge to face such a creature. Percy, was no fighter but had been hit by the creature's acid was clearly in pain. His sense of duty always was unshakable, a trait which admirable, gives me no end of worry for the man. It was then that the creature struck him with a fetid claw. I thought Percy fell, however he got back up. He ditched he shield and assumed a stance, which I remember clearly. It is a stance that I taught him, when I trained him to be a Ranger like me. Then in a flurry of motions he hamstringed the creature. He then looked up to me and said that his name was Percival. At long last my friend has come back to me, the irony was not lost that at one of our darkest hours such a joyous thing occurred for me. The joy was short lived, as the abomination swing a Percival flinging him into the water. The joy was replaced by panic, then a cool, calm angry. For such transgressions his creature will burn in eternity. Scarloc then mounted the creature trying to stab as he too was flung away. At this time I ordered Lucan to teleport all of the fighters that he could see outside into the keep. I ordered every soldier off the wall, I was prepared to detonate the explosive barrels, but I must buy time for the soldiers to get off the wall. This was also when Lucan teleported Balgus to the Lich. However after killing the Lich's horse, it opened a portal and sent Balgus what I assumed was far away. It was fine Balgus was alive just not in the fight. As Marney began to heal the injured, I felt a cold touch envelope me. As I looked out towards the forest I saw a black fog emanating out. This was unnatural. What followed after the fog however is what will truly scare me. Out of the fog emerged a massive figure, clad in all black armor, wielding a massive sword. He calmly walked towards the walls. Whatever, whoever this was, it was bad, something far beyond what we could fight and kill. I then ordered Lucius to use the horn. Lucan also saw this creature, and as soon as he did he fled. The coward, if such a powerful creature did emerge its best to fight it knowing your own death. As I joined the others at the battle line, the hulking abomination walked through the door I prepared to take my shot. Matrena, switched bows with me, since hers was imbued with fire. Knowing that Matrena was watching I focused as hard as I could aiming for my target. As soon as it walked in I released the arrow. It hit. After a few second I began to think I messed up the combination, and that's when a huge explosion occurred. The creature was engulfed in flames, and then thankfully it fell. Now only one Lich and one immeasurably powerful creature to go. However that is when I heard it. The horn, the note tore through the air. It was the sound of hope, then in the same direction as this Black knight, emerged the Giant Wolf that helped us earlier. However by the time it came to rest between us, and the Black Knight it had assumed the form of a humanoid. It turned out this lady was Tessera Therandwell. A Knight of Tempest. This Black Knight turned out to be Azoth. He was the servant of the God of Undeath. He seeked to punish those who would defile his masters shrine. Should of known better then to strike a deal with the literal God of betrayal. The Knight managed to convince him to leave us be, but not before vowing should we ever enter the shrine of the one he serves, we will die. He departed taking the Lich with him. Suddenly the Sun broke through the clouds and illuminated Dayhill. What was left, was dead bodies, broken wood, crumbled stone. Still somehow Dayhill stood. My first thought was Matrena, I ran and embraced her. The second thought was of Galahad, she may not of fraught much, but carried people to and fro to be where they needed. The third was my companions. they all made it!  however it appears that Percival only comes out when Percy is near death. The deaths of the men under men, however came back and I surveyed the damage. We had lost almost all the of towns guard, and only a handful of Dorwain Soldiers remained. However after looking I could not find Balgus. As it turns out, the Lich sent  Balgus to Hell. Literal Hell. It was then that we learned that both Thoric, and Balgus were the son's of the dwarf king. We all decided that we would go and save his hairy ass. The townsfolk begun to crowd around the Knight of Tempest. Taking this as my cue, I took Matrena by the hand, and lead her to the nearest house. The next morning I invited Matrena to go scouting around Dayhill with me, we rode on the back of Galahad we surveyed the land. For the most part the Knight of Tempest managed to restore the lands, but it would still take some time for it to fully heal. It was then that we met not only Valtyra but a company of Dorwain soldiers lead by Sir Bryant Septus. They had been dispatched to reinforce Dayhill. Knowing that Dayhill would be in good hands I felt safe to leave. I decided to go with both Lucius and Percy to Yampfield. I have a feeling that the psychic Vidora knew more then what she was letting on.  I also wanted to train under Hawk in how to handle and deal with poisons. Lucan agreed to send all of us through a portal directly there. So a I spent the last couple hours with my love. She also gave me a lock of hair to remember her by. Not knowing what this meant I discreetly asked Thoric, and to dwarves it a pretty big deal. With no dire business to attend to, I accompanied  Lucius and Percy, as we  went back to Lucan, and as soon as he opened the portal, we all stepped through to return to Yampfield.

Gawain Dragoon


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