Chronicles of Marhalla

Ranger Record's 18

End of Rax Arc

As the golems surrounded Rax a massive one appeared and challenged us to a duel. As we were on our way to the Golem a felt a probing into my mind, next thing I knew I heard Matrenas voice. She was sending all the help she could and all we had to do was survive. Sounds easy enough. We were brought to the leader of the Dwarven forces, who was also Matrenas brother (so I could definitely not kill him). Before he had his rune priests execute us on the spot Kaldrus swooped down to defend us. He then engaged a some kind of magical barrier to separate himself and the Rune Priests and the other Dwarves. After dispatching the guards, Gomroc and his two chosen then stepped up to fight us.  However we had been fighting since dawn and none of us had a moment to rest, I myself was running low on spells and I’m sure Lucius was either out or about to be. The fight did not exactly go our way,  Iolius was even pushed into Kaldrus’ barrier which caused him to vanish. Lucius Galahad and Percy were all eventually defeated, but before Gomroc moved on to fight the rest of us, out of nowhere a dragon appeared out of nowhere and began to destroy the Golems. It then landed on top of our Golem and to my amazement off jumped Balgus and Eldor, who was glowing with a strange magical energy. Balgus was the crown prince to Domdur and since we were not in Domdur he had the authority to command every Dwarf there to return home. Finally with the battle over I took a moment to look over the city of Rax which had been home for a short amount of time. Eldor then came up to us and informed us when Gnomes go to die they begin to surge with a immense amount of magical energy, and to prevent this magical energy from destroying everything around him, he had begun to feed it to Gobi, which gave him a major power buff. Eldor then invited us to his funeral in two weeks time. After saying farewell to some people in Rax, and informing Gomroc that I was engaged to his sister ( he took it well actually) we had Eldor teleport us back to Yampfield. There we immediately reported back to the King that the Rax journey was finally over. He allowed us a day of rest before we had to return back to him to receive our reward. During the day I went and Vidorya fix everyone's memories but Jiro. Then as Scarloc and I were enjoying the sight of my old home a guard came running up to us and requested our help. Apparently there was some issue inside of a bar. Well I am also down for a good old fashioned bar fight so we went over to check it out. When we entered we saw a giant half orc sitting there, and as he turned around to face us I knew who it was. It was the orc commander that me and my company had fought against before. The Orc had killed many of my friends. If I had not met Mordred I would of tried to kill him on the spot, but spending time with him had changed my viewpoints on certain matters. Just as he had killed my friends, I too probably slew his friends. Negotiations kinda broke down and we ended up fighting. We lost, apparently he specializes in grappling people, but thankfully Lucius and Percy showed up and informed us that this half orc was Kurbag's son and we were to watch over him. Ru'ul Nak had never seen the human world so we had to help guide him in human culture. However we had to meet with the king so we hid him at Jiro's house for the time being. As we met with the king he informed us that we would be transported somewhere else to meet all the kings. That somewhere else was apparently heaven, or wherever Lawful Good people go, to me it just looked like mist. Lucius and Percy however looked they were having a field day. We were brought to some kind of building inside were all the Kings of Dorwin, including King Kronsieg. I tried getting his attention but he seemed to be enjoying some kind of joke so I left him be. Long story shorts only King Aldwic said we should become Lords, all the others believed we were unproven, however they would give us an opportunity to prove ourselves. In the outskirts of Dorwin there existed ruins that should we be able to create a town, we could join back with Dorwin as lords. We agreed to the challenge, and we sent back to the material plane. King Aldwic teleported us along with some kind of builder to the ruins. He then, after spending thirty minutes, created a keep by using some kind of magical item. There we stood the only building of a new territory of Dorwin, the territory of SunReach had begun.


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