Chronicles of Marhalla

Ranger Record's 19

A New Arc

So a lot has happened in a short amount of time so I will be abbreviating almost all of it here. A day or so after SunReach keep was made a procession of people showed up at our door. It was lead by one lady Scire Perpetuum, who had authored a series of books about the Knights of Tempest. She wanted exclusive right to pen our story, we agreed. She also gave us all presents, I got a gun named Commitment. (I think she's trying to tell me something but I’m not sure what.) After that we went about starting our keep up. There was a Gold mine to our North East in Beastmen controlled territory, there were also two town to our West, which might be able to provide us with peasants. Scarloc Ru'ul Nak and I went to scout the gold mine, there we killed some Elf squatters. Ru'ul Nak and I became battle brothers. And while Scarloc scouted deeper into the mine Ru'ul Nak and I had a heart to heart. We remembered the battle in which we fought each other, and to my shock he informed me that Bedivere was not killed but rather escaped into the forest. This memory thing is really becoming bothersome, and now I have two personal quests. Find my old love and figure out the last of my sealed memories, and seek out baron Kronsieg for more information on the Hen Avok. After some time we regrouped with Lucius and the others and made our way to the gold mine. We killed a herd of Beastmen where we kinda made an alliance with some of them. Apparently not all Beastmen are evil. We reached the gold mine, went further down into it and found a tribe of Oread, humans who exist on the plane of Earth. We agreed to help each other. First we killed a cave Dragon and half way through that fight Jiro teleported away and in came Steve; Scire’s companion, who is a badass fighter. I skinned the dragon  for some sweet leather. Next we had to kill some ancient evil that lurked in the next room. This evil was a Giant Purple Worm, WHO ATE GALAHAD. Luckily Galahad bit her way through it, I wonder why Lucius didn't try that; he got eaten almost instantly. After killing it, we struck a deal with the Oreads. They would help us mine, in exchange for a place to stay and for wood, because their home is all stone, no organic material. After that we headed back, and for the time we were inside of the mine Jiro had somehow gotten a large populace of Rax refugees to somehow show up at our door. And they had begun a make a town. After a lot of logistical stuff, and I do mean A LOT of logistical stuff, we had gotten most of the town ready, and secured some food shipments. After two weeks it was time for the funeral. We teleported back to Dayhill, there we meet old friends. A interesting note I meet someone back from my mercenary days. She was a redlander and had fought in Aefrin tower on multiple occasions. It was cleared she held a grudge towards me but her companions seemed fine with me. The other interesting party was the surviving members of the Knights of Tempest. Auntie Tessera agreed to officiate Matrena and my marriage when the time came. They also told us their prophecy the Morning Star Jewel told them, also the Jewel would heal any who wore it and contained the soul of Zen, a Knight of Tempest inside it who could talk to us. After talking with the rest of the guests the funeral began. Eldor had left many of his friends his magical items, However he had something special for us. He wanted us to take care of Gobi, his bonded partner. After discussing with Gobi for a little bit, I informed him he would always have a home in Sunreach. We also meet Kuurbag who lost his duel against his father, who took Ru'ul Nak and ran off. We then teleported away back to Sunreach. After a few days we had a Redlands diplomat, Count Raiche show up. We agreed to a non aggression pact and trade between SunRach and the Redlands. I was willing to do a little be more with them, especially if we were attacked, we were alone out here. However Lucius was firmly against it. Count Raiche then gave us a gift, he had an oracle with him, and she grabbed our Morning Star Jewel and gave us our prophecy. The prophecy was  

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One whose blood runs strongest of men.

One whose blood last the Gray Lady’s love.

One whose blood be a tithe of potential.

One whose blood of the five above.

We then  spent several more weeks doing logistical stuff. I trained with Sarconis in the ways of the bow. By the end of seven weeks, our town had grown to a considerable size. We had a whore house, a barracks, residential districts, a whole bunch of stuff. We had finally become a true town. Then came the Winters Crest. It was a major holiday for Dorwinians, a time of family and giving. Scire had managed to put out fliers of our town and we had a large influx of people, so our town was getting a fair amount of trade. Then a great thudding was heard, and a giant dinosaur hauling a carriage showed up. It stopped in front of our keep and out came Platinum Corsairs, and the legendary Wandering Knight. The Wandering Knight invited us inside to meet King Tarkinian. We agreed and went inside. Inside was a giant table. One that stretched for miles. As we walked down it to the head of the table. I focused in on my ring and to my amazement I found Matrena. After sneaking up on her, I had Galahad pick her up and throw her onto the saddle. It was only a few weeks but I missed her so. We then made our way to the front where we found Harvey, who missed the funeral because he got on board this thing. We eventually made it to King Tarkinian, who had a proposition for us. The great Latun Arena was holding their fifth annual tournament. There was a rebellion in Latun recently, so King Tarkinian wanted to put on a show, that Dorwin was still standing strong. In exchange for us joining should we do well enough King Tarkinian would be willing to change his vote, from denying us lordship, to annexing SunReach and promoting us all into Lords. After some deliberation we all finally agreed. And so the next Arc of our Chronicle begins.


Gawain Dragoon


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