The Ranger


Sweating, panting and gasping for breath, the bandit pushes his way through the forests outside of Yampfield. His hands ache from pushing through the foliage, his lungs burn from overuse and his feet bleed as the poorly made boots he wore had long since fallen off. And yet still he runs. For he knows what is after him. He knows WHO is after him. And as he turns and comes face to face with the half-elven ranger many things in rapid succession pass through his mind: first, shock that the ranger was able to track him this far and this fast. Second, fear as he realizes what is heading towards him. And finally an arrow, launched through the ranger’s bow as one less bandit now lives in fear of the man known only as Gawain.
Cautious, alert, and wise beyond his years, Gawain as a man can be summarised fairly accurately in one word: efficient. And to most of the world, this definition fits the half-elf to a tee. Those who know him however, know there is far more to the man under the hood, more than even his closest friends dare guess.
Utilizing a practical combination of long and close range weaponry with magic to augment, Gawain has proven to be a man of many skills. Whether it be negotiating his way past giant spiders, winning the loyalty of a young direwolf, or methodically picking off enemies one by one, there are few things, it seems, that are beyond the skill of the Hooded RAnger Gawain.



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