Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius' Log #13

The Search for the poisoners

Starting the day with the task set out in front of us in order to find the group that is poisoning members of the clergy and populace. I had no clue where we needed to begin our search for the group as I had never done any investigatory work. My skill set didn't include this cloak and dagger style of work so I would have to rely on the others for the most part to find any clues. At the beginning of the day we went to the City Square as we were informed that one of my mentors, Father Osbad, was the most recent target of these assassinations as they seemed to be. The five of us continued through the gate as we passed through thanks to one of the guards being a man I knew from my youth named Joric. Luckily enough he remembered me and allowed us through the gate. Before we entered he asked me about Domitius. It took me by surprise, the events of the past few months had so captured my attention I almost had forgotten about what happened so many years ago even as we entered the gates that I had lived in for the majority of my life. I stood there stunned for a second as the memories returned and the only thing I could respond to him was to say it was a story for a later time. We continued through the gates trying to put our current task at the forefront of my mind. The first thing we wanted to address was talking to Kaine Blackfoot and get his input on some of the things we had encountered. I had nothing to talk to him about, but I'm sure that I was probably the only person that could get us through the first gate. We talked to the palace guards and told them that we were friends of the court mage and they sent a page to go see if our story was true. The page came back to allow us into the palace. We continued through the palace, somewhere even I had yet to have been to, and met Prince Vilkas, son to Kind Alduic. For some reason he wanted to lead us to Kaine's room which all of us thought was fairly strange. We walk into Kaine's room and we all greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries. The others had some questions they wanted to ask of Kaine including some stuff for Gawain about his rangers and Jiro about the books that we had. As we exited the prince apparently had been eavesdropping on our conversation and knew of some sort of mind reader who deals with memories. We deliberated and had Jiro accompany Gawain to the mind reader whilst Scarloc, Percy and I continued to the temple of light to see if I was able to talk to my former mentor Osbad.

As we entered the temple there was a man in the pulpit giving a sermon. We remained in the back of the temple listening and waiting for the sermon to end. The man giving the sermon noticed us and walked to the back in order to greet us. The man's name was Father Armias and was the brother to Domitius. Luckily for me he didn't wish to inquire about what I knew about that as we managed to quickly address the poisoning of father Osbad. He took us back to where he was being treated and told us that there wasn't much they could do to heal him as whatever poison afflicted him was intensely strong and beyond even his healing powers. There wasn't much that Father Armias could tell us about the poisonings as they were in the dark about the situation as much as we are. I asked him to contact us with any information that he might receive and to send it to the Hands of Heironus guild hall. We left the temple and the city square and agreed to meet the other members after they had finished dealing with the psychic and Gawain's memories I believe. We met up and handled a few other things before heading to the Hard Stop Inn.

We arrived at the Inn and Scarloc and Gawain decided to talk to the bartender's while Jiro, Percy, and I decided to take a table elsewhere to see if there were any interesting people that we might be able to spot. We encountered an interesting person who began to talk to us. Both Jiro and I truly had no idea how to segue into talking about the poisoning so we pretty much just came right out and asked her if she knew anything. It appeared that she didn't and simply told us that she would be staying in the Brass Arrow tavern. I felt as though we weren't going to get much out of her. She left us and as we were preparing to leave Scarloc came and talked to us about an encounter with someone from his past. Gawain and Scarloc told us about what they figured out from the bartender which wasn't much and we told them that we truly didn't learn much of anything. Last thing we decided to try was talking to those in the Broken Blade Inn. We asked the barmaid what she knew of the poisonings and the only important information we managed to glean from her was that there were no poisonings that happened in the Western district. We then returned to the Velvet Daggers headquarters and told them of our findings which were meager at best. Hopefully we could find more usable information the next day.


Jackson_Baldwin Lucius_Macedonicus

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