Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius' Logs #14

To Kill a King

Father Armias gave us advice to go see what we could find out from the God of deception himself. I steeled my resolve to have a meeting with such a vile God of deceit, but in order to save the king I feared that this was the quickest route to finding out the plot that the poisoned lodge had come up with. All Gods are worshipped in one way or another in the city as even the gods associated with deception and poisoning can be used for some good or at the very least deserve a shrine in the city to appease them. Worship of the gods that are considered good is far more prominent in the city as their boons and assistance come without price so long as you fight in their name and honor as well as spread their teachings as I do for Iomedae.

Asking for my goddess' protection one final time before setting out to discuss with a god that she has had hostile relations with in the past, the Sentinels of the Blazing Sun and I set out to uncover the plot that the posion lodge has set in motion. We make our way to the shrine to Norgorber in the less populated area of the city square where the worship to the gods usually thought of as evil resides. The section of the city where Norgorber shrine resides is not very welcoming, especially to a paladin on the light. The learning and studying of these gods is perfectly fine, however, to make it your primary god of worship where you draw your powers from is an entirely different story. Not wanting to spend more time here than needed we make our way to the shrine. I kneel down before the small tapestry that adorns the wall and send out a plea for this dark god to aid us.  I implore him to see that even these subjects that follow him are unworthy of his assistance, however, he had a much different idea in mind how we might acquire the information about the poisoned lodge. He wanted a paladin of Iomedae to go kill two individuals that reside in the shrine to Urgathoa, the goddess of the undead. Why Norgorber desired us to go slay two people in the shrine I know not. I was hesisitant to accomplish this task as I had no idea why he wanted them dead, but the poisoned lodge must be stopped. I step outside the shrine and pray to Iomedae for forgiveness for this trespass against her and hope she can know that I do this for a greater good.

We make our way to the temple to Urgathoa and step inside. After quickly scanning around we find no one inside of the temple and I wonder why Norgorber sent us here. I step into a room off to the side and see within two large stone coffins. I move over to inspect them further curious to see if possibly the two Norgorber want me to slay are within. As I move closer out of nowhere two ghosts appear and begin attacking us. I channel Iomedae's divine power and smite the two creatures in an effort to slay them. Some of us sustain quite a bit of damage, but nothing that we couldn't take. We manage to slay the two ghosts sending them to their final rest and assumedly completing our end of the bargain to Norgorber. I questioned why Norgorber would want us to kill these two ghosts, but didn't think more of than these two ghosts had wrong him in the past either in life or death and he wanted them dead for good. We returned to the shrine and informed him we had completed our end of the bargain. He proceeded to tell us that the poisoned lodge was attempting to slay the king on the Jeweled Dias during one of his speeches that was to be given the next day. With this information in hand we first go tell Kaine Blackfoot about the plot to let him know what may occur. After that we return to the velvet dagger and inform them about what we had discovered. The next day we would set out to the city square and hopefully stop the assassination plot.

We woke up the next morning and set out to the city square. After some initial trouble getting in eventually we manage to contact Kaine who allows us through the gate. We take positions around the dias where the king is to give he speech and begin scanning the crowd for any person looking highly suspect. A man in a cloak is spotted by a member of our party and I rush over to see who it is. To my shock I realize that it is none other than Ish from my previous mercenary group I worked with. At first I was shocked and then as I saw his face and remembered what they did to those people on the caravan I realized that this turn of events should not surprise at all. Seeing his face and having the recent encounter with Norgorber I instantly though to search for Mattie Red, the cleric of Norgorber. Once that thought entered my mind it almost seemed to cloud it in an effort to find her, as if Norgorber himself willed me to find her and not the person who would have been doing the assasination. I scanned the crowd for Mattie, but to no avail. After some words with Ish that were suspect, but nothing incriminating we could do nothing but wait. We stood there as the king walked to the platform along with Kaine Blackfoot and began giving his speech. As he was talking Ish said that the problem with a prediction of an assasination attempt is just that, an attempt. He then dropped his axe to the ground and said he missed and began walking off. Almost simultaneously we watch as Kaine is hit by something and drop to the ground. Panic spreads among the crowd as the began to disperse. I make my way directly to where Kaine fell and push aside the guards as I lay my hands on him in order to delay the poison. I pick him up and carry him to the temple of light so father Armias can attempt to heal him. After a brief conversation with him we set out in order to the broken blade as that is where Ish said they would be during my brief chat with him. 

As we arrive they are already all sitting inside and offer us a drink. We decline and tell them our intention and why we came. After some nonsense about not having any proof that they are the ones who attempted to slay Kaine we decide to leave in order to gather more hard proof about their involvement. I leave only to find that I have been transported across town outside of TEP supplies. Realizing that my allies were still in the tavern I rush back to the broken blade to try and help before it is too late. Scarloc quickly runs past me as I realize they may be in more trouble than I thought. We continue to rush forward and find Gallahad waiting there for us. We hop on her and make the final stretch to the broken blade. Ish is dead on the floor while the rest it seems had escaped. We search the tavern for anymore clues, but find none. As we step outside Dove appears atop the tavern and drops Areen in front of us. We bring her back to the Maiden's Rose in order to question her and see what information we might be able to glean. After questioning her and Areen not giving an inch, Jiro became fed up with her and attempted to kill her. I was unable to react fast enough in order to stop him as first he tried to use the poisoned they used against her and upon getting it on his own hands and feeling it pulse through his system try to hurl a snowball at her. His snowball manages to hit her as he begins to fall unconscious. The next events that occur are events I wish never had happened, but certainly never allow happen again. We attempt to forcefully gain information from Areen, but to no avail. She was willing to die just to spite us. She said if we freed her she would give us the antidote, but that was the only way. I took Jiro to father Armias to slow the process leaving Scarloc and Gawain to Areen. In the heat of the moment and my frustration with her in the past and the possible loss of Jiro I allowed this to happen, but I must make sure that I never let my emotions get the better of me and allow my morals to falter. After awhile Scarloc and Gawain appear at the temple claiming to have the antidote, but saying that Areen had managed to escpae. We pour it into Jiro and Kaine's mouths and thankfully enough the two immediately begin to feel better. The poisoned lodge had brought the worst out in me and I intend to put an end to them before they can cause anymore harm.


Jackson_Baldwin Lucius_Macedonicus

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