Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius's Log #5

The Depths of Thostrund

We were sent to Thostrund in order to deal with a Hill Giant alongside the Kordar Kneecappers. Hill giants are savage beasts that terrorize countrysides and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Whilst fighting the giant, the mage of the Kordar Kneecappers, Phethean Klexius, died after sacrificing himself to save Marnay. After which the Kneecappers teleported out of the cave with their presumably dead comrade after I managed to slice the head off of the beast. During our time in the cave, after slaying the giant, we came across an old man who was protected by spiders after we were prevented exit by a wall of fire. He then summoned an evil outsider, which gave us all trouble in fighting after the being summoned creatures of his own. This forced me to blow the horn we acquired in the blood bowl in order to slay the outsiders and asked the summoned celestial being to save Gawain’s life, who had died during the fight against these abominations. The summoned celestial being was a sight to behold and further strengthened my faith and desire to rid the world of evil. He confirmed that Gawain, Scarloc, Jiro, and I are destined for something great and to possibly purge an evil from the world. We were also given an artifact of immense power known as the Morning star jewel which is an item required in ascending to God-hood. I have no idea why we were given such an item, but I take it upon myself to carry it with pride and achieve my destiny.


Jackson_Baldwin Jackson_Baldwin

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