Chronicles of Marhalla

Lucius's Log #6

The Bandit Incursion

After slaying the giant and returning to Dayhill we found the town to be under siege by a oddly very organized bandit raid that included the like of trolls and giants. We manage to cut our way through the front gate after watching Argon slay a giant with a single swing of his mighty hammer. We then proceeded into the town where Tennoculus told us that the three walled tavern was on fire, which I had yet to visit beforehand. We then proceeded to the bridge over the river where the chief of the bandits slayed the head of the guard and Gavin, the second in command, slew the chief with ease clearing the path to the Hands of Heironus. As the group and I continued across the bridge Gavin also killed the giant that was accompanying the chieftain. As we approached the Hands of Heironus it was surrounded by bandits and trolls that were easily dispatched by us, Balgus, Miya Darcy, Thoric, and two other members of the guild. We then moved to the northern part of town towards where the nobles lived where we saw the newly appointed court wizard slay a giant with a single blast of arcane energy as well as several other bandits. At this point the denizens of Dayhill, with a small support from us, managed to clear the remaining bandits that had infested the city. We managed to capture one of the bandits and he revealed that the giants of Troll Crag mountains were pushing them out of there homes and they were attempting to take land for themselves. During the battle many citizens of the town as well as a large number of guards were slain. We talked to the Kordar Kneecappers after the fight and they said they wished to take a break from adventuring after losing Phethean, bequeathing us their share of the gold for slaying the giant. Hopefully they manage to get back on their feet in short time.


Jackson_Baldwin Lucius_Macedonicus

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