Chronicles of Marhalla

Scarlocs secrets 5

The Depths of Thostrund

<meta />We had won the blood bowl and proved ourselves to thortona of the kneecappers. SHe finally agreed to allow us to help her group to kill the hill giant for a mission. As we were preparing for the mission thoric had told me that I had received a letter. He didn't see who dropped it off but it just said to meet him behind the spider's den. I guess i will look into this at a later time. We headed off with the Kneecappers as a large group. The ranger… Gawain I think was his name? He seemed to have an eye on one of the kneecappers members. Matrina, I think that's her name. We didn't even make it 20 steps into the cave before we got ambushed by a couple of weird giant bug looking thing. Matrina and I scouted ahead and silenced a giant scorpion together as our entire team was ambushed again but we managed to  deal with the threat a lot better than last time. Thortona had a couple of hounds with her and unfortunately one of them perished. We went went into another cave and we spotted a giant, again Matrina and I managed to quickly stealth kill it. (so this is what it's like to have another stealthy person on the team, we really need to get another). Unfortunately for us though, there were more giants, but thanks to Jiro’s quick thinking he managed to oil the corridor the giants were coming through and stall them as we took them out one by one. I did end up having a reunion with one of the giants that knocked me out just before I was saved by Thoric. Unfortunately Matrina had a slaying arrow which dealt the final blow instead of me, so much for revenge. (Hope I get to deal the final blow for the revenge of my entire family.) We finally found the Hill giant, and was this thing huge, not as tall as the trees I grew up climbing but dam was this thing gonna take a lot to knock down. We decided to lay an ambush for the giant and once sprung things went pretty well. Our cockyness got us in trouble, another one of Thortonas hounds had died. Marnay (I think that’s her name) was grabbed by the giant and well in a blink of an eye Phethian the mage was in her place. He was killed by the giant. That's the first death of someone I saw, I was angry, memories of my family came back into my mind. My murderous rage was returning and all I saw was red, red as dark as blood. I wanted to end this things life with my own hands. I went in with blind rage which was not a good idea. My mind was clouded and next thing I knew I was getting thrown or something was thrown at me i think it was the paladin but I can’t remember for sure. I think I blacked out for a second when I hit the wall. I saw the paladin almost dead and wasn't gonna watch another die. I slid my potion to the paladin and he got up and went in. After that I was thinking a bit more and decided to just shoot it with arrows instead of just going in and dying. After killing the giant the kneecappers took phethian and somehow teleported out of the cave leaving our group on their own. As we were leaving a wall of fire was blocking our route. We decided to go looking for another exit and found a den of spiders. Our ranger friend could talk to… spiders? I think? I don't even know what happened. We ended up finding a mage they were guarding who was the one that sent me the letter. This mage named Opash told us that we angered some people and long boring prophecy blah blah, this sorta thing suits the paladin more than me. He summoned some creatures that we tried fighting but gawain died and i was knocked out and the paladin finally blew the horn and someone named hawk saved us , somehow resurrected gawai, took me out of my unconscious state and then once again blah blah prophecy blah blah magic stone blah blah once again not my thing I just go where the money goes. OH also the revenge for my family.


Jackson_Baldwin Scarloc

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